At least with our homes we have some reasonable ways to know whether or not a government agent has entered…



I headed to the entry way of our home upon hearing the news this morning about the ruling from the…


Walker Upset with High Court

Gov. Scott Walker on Friday called the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing gay marriage across the country “a grave mistake.”…


One Paragraph

During the 2004 elections, George W. Bush’s campaign, managed by a closeted gay man, pushed a series of anti-gay ballot…


Ireland Considers

Via “Marriage May Be Contracted In Accordance With Law By Two Persons Without Distinction As To Their Sex” @ CAFFEINATED…

Gov. Walker

No waiting

Scott Walker signals support for eliminating 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases http://t.co/02avOwVDtn — madison.com (@madisondotcom) March 3, 2015


Ten years later…

Via Jury awards $2,500 to hunter who sued DNR warden for wrongful arrest @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.



While I have always felt, and written over and over on this blog, that I knew deep down President Obama…

Free Speech

Marquette Steps in It

Is this a case where the newly-installed President of MU took some seriously flawed advice and pulled the trigger without…

Free Speech

Speak Freely

A Wisconsin appellate court has sustained the First Amendment rights of the civil-rights-movement-singing Wisconsin Solidarity Singers or Solidarity Sing-Along (Facebook).…