Adams: Lament of the Chicken Littles

There are lot of people who are very sure that protests in Madison are proof of a disordered society. They’re quick to wail and cry that the sky is falling, and that these protests are the end of Polite and Civilized Society as Understood by Polite and Civilized People.

They sky’s not falling; society’s doing just fine.

For all these tens of thousands of protesters at the Capitol building, it’s not been disorder, but a Hayekian spontaneous order. People are able to organize quickly, develop plans and arrangements, without any central planner. There’s no violence in any of this, either — Wisconsin’s residents are a peaceful people.

For a few tired reactionaries, watching a cherished, stultifying control slip away, this must be disturbing. To them, those who protest seem insincere, unreasonable, out of line, etc.

There’s irony in this – just two years ago, this is how the Tea Party seemed to the left. Now this is how these protesters seem to the right….

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