Attanasio everywhere

According to Jon Heyman of, Attanasio voted for Tom Werner of the Red Sox on the first ballot (20-10) and stayed with Werner on the second (21-9)….

After the second vote Werner came off the ballot because he did not get the one-third required (10 votes) to stay on. The rest of the ballots were a thumbs up or thumbs down on Manfred for the job.

On the third ballot, Attanasio voted for Manfred (22-8), but flipped back to anti-Manfred on the fourth (20-10), flipped again to Manfred on the fifth (22-8) and stayed there for the sixth (23-7), which determined the outcome….

Via Mark Attanasio’s vote for a new commissioner went this way and that way and back again @ JS SportsDay Blog.

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