In the past, Tiger never waivered from the mantra “I’ll be back quicker than the doctors think–and I will be even stronger than I was before”.  But for the first time yesterday, the answer was “I don’t know when I’ll be back”.  And then he admitted that he has not been able to swing a club, work on chipping and putting or even to kick the soccer ball around with his kids.  “I play a lot of video games” was his answer to how he fills his time.

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And Fifteen Republicans…

“Six Democrats in the Wisconsin state Senate voted late Wednesday to give millions in taxpayer dollars to a couple of billionaires. After they cast their votes in favor of SB 209, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin issued a statement praising the corporate giveaway to a powerful Milwaukee special interest….”

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First Rounders


Kaminsky and Dekker became just the third and fourth UW players under Ryan to be selected in the first round of the NBA draft. As a result, they gave UW two first-round picks in the same season for the first time ever.

Kaminsky was taken No. 9 overall by the Charlotte Hornets, who finished 33-49 last season and failed to make the playoffs….Dekker was taken No. 18 by Houston, which finished 56-26 last season and lost to eventual champion Golden State in the Western Conference finals.

Via Frank Kaminsky No. 9 to Charlotte; Sam Dekker No. 18 to Houston @ JS Badgers Blog.

Lying all along

Are we finally done with the whole “Put Pete Rose in the Baseball Hall of Fame” thing now?  Ever since Rose voluntarily accepted a lifetime ban from baseball by Commissioner Bart Giamatti we have heard ad nauseum from Rose apologists who say he should be inducted because the Hall is only about what a person…

AFP trashes Walker’s arena plan

“When Walker announced a plan last week to spend $250 million in taxpayer money for a proposed $500 million basketball arena in downtown Milwaukee, the local chapter of the Koch-founded advocacy group Americans for Prosperity joined the chorus of detractors who condemned the project. The National Basketball Association is demanding the new venue and is…


Shouldn’t America leave soccer problems to the countries that call it football? Via “Swiss authorities conducted an extraordinary early-morning operation here Wednesday to arrest several top soccer officials and extradite them to the United States on federal corruption charges.” @ Althouse.


Officials met for about 40 minutes Tuesday in the state Capitol as they work to finalize a deal in time to have the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee insert the financing deal in the state budget before it wraps up its work this week. The budget committee is expected to finish its work Friday or Saturday…

Paid to honor

“You go to a game and you see a team honoring ‘Hometown Heroes,’ and you think it’s some sort of public service announcement,” Flake told ESPN, “that the team is doing it out of the goodness of their heart. Then you find out it’s paid for? That seems a little unseemly.” Via Report: Packers, 13…

Life without parole

Via “Former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez has been convicted on all counts in the June 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd, including first-degree murder” @ Althouse.

Rodgers Sacks Critics

Also with interview requests, sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it's no. I'm not there for u, I'm there to support my friends n UW. — Aaron Rodgers (@AaronRodgers12) March 29, 2015

Wildcats Want Revenge

Video: Arizona looking forward to rematch with the #Badgers http://t.co/QeSXPFAb04 pic.twitter.com/yzZwZF6Rog — Wis. State Journal (@WiStateJournal) March 27, 2015


Andy Baggot: UW's run of success in men's basketball, football is unparalleled nationally http://t.co/c1nLbl64kI pic.twitter.com/OIlNLemtIr — Wis. State Journal (@WiStateJournal) March 24, 2015


#Badgers football: Former UW great Chris Borland retiring from #NFL after only one season,… http://t.co/gFQVXw9btN pic.twitter.com/Ux2ZwCnqdH — Wis. State Journal (@WiStateJournal) March 17, 2015