Attorney General

Money talks

Schimel’s fundraiser will charge $100 a plate for general attendees, with “Host Levels” ranging from $500 to 2,500. A spokesman for Schimel’s campaign said it’s a victory celebration that will help pay off campaign debts and fund future campaigns. Via AG Schimel brings in favored big money special interests before taking office @ Democurmudgeon.

Flinging things worse than mud

Every worry I had about the race for attorney general has erupted in nasty ads and Internet posturing a few days ahead of the Nov. 4 election to determine the second most important position on the statewide ballot.  Via LOW ROAD OF TV’S TOP COP ANTICS MAY HIDE WHY HAPP IS BEST FOR AG @…

If Roe goes…

Wisconsin has a statute predating Roe that makes abortion a crime, with the only exception being instances where two doctors have determined the woman’s life is in danger. That law can’t be enforced because of the Supreme Court ruling. Via Democrats blast Schimel for signing onto anti-abortion legal paper @ JS All Politics Blog.