Book Review: Food Sanity

It’s amazing how many different diets–including Paleo, Atkins, Mediterranean and Keto–we have at our disposal. I myself have tried Tim Ferriss’ slow-carb diet, though I’m familiar with others. One thing is clear: there’s not a lot of consistency in terms of what you may or may not eat from one diet to another.

Leave it to a chiropractor to figure it out.

In Dr. David Friedman’s recently published book, Food Sanity: How to Eat in a World of Fads and Fiction ($19.99, Turner Publishing), which I accepted an offer to review, he pores over unbiased research to debunk myths and create a definitive list of what foods to eat and what foods to avoid.

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Someone had to read it

There are many descriptions of sexual encounters, but they are not written in an erotic style. The reader is not, I don’t think, drawn in to feel the excitement of the sexual behavior itself, and you can’t really identify with SFH. She’s a very unusual person! She’s someone who loved intense athletic competition and then felt completely dissatisfied living a normal life — in Madison, Wisconsin of all places — with a handsome, loving husband and a nice daughter. She repurposed her strongly physical, competitive spirit in the game of prostitution, in the place that — like the Olympics for an athlete — was the center of the world — Las Vegas.

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By all accounts this manuscript was sent back to Lee many decades ago with a desire for changes. The changes became the loved Mockingbird story. Someone looked to make money and found the way to get this book into the hands of readers such as myself.

We all naturally desire more writings from Harper Lee. But there are times when we only get one gem and need to fondly recall it and treasure it. That is how it should have been had greed not overcome sensibility for the Lee estate.

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I have now finished How Lincoln Learned To Read by Daniel Wolff and much enjoyed it from start to finish. As with a book of this type there is much to debate and ponder—agree with and disagree with—but one thing is for sure. Via “How Lincoln Learned To Read” @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

No comparison

I understand that the term “stark resemblance” is one of those clichés that people toss about without thinking about the precise meaning. But a “stark” resemblance is one that is “plain,” “obvious” and “clear.” Whatever one may think about feminism and its progress, the way we “live now” bears virtually no resemblance to Atwood’s dystopia.…


Pulitzer-winning Washington Post reporter Amy Goldstein’s JANESVILLE: An American Story, following three families as the GM plant that has sustained their town and their middle class lives closes and they suddenly must reinvent themselves while facing near-impossible choices and a fracturing community, to Priscilla Painton at Simon & Schuster, in a pre-empt, by Susan Rabiner…

Interested parties

On September 1, the Post published a column from Thiessen criticizing the idea of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney running for president again in 2016. In the piece, Thiessen identified Scott Walker as one of several “successful governors” that would be a preferable candidate. Thiessen co-authored Walker’s 2013 book, a fact the columnist has previously disclosed when writing about the governor for the Post but…

Who ordered school books’ removal?

Thousands of books were removed from the public school libraries of Racine, Wisconsin by non-library staff to the alarm of the local community and school staff. The staff who were told to remove the books and either box or shred them were grounds crew staff in at least one location. Via Why were thousands of…

A Texas Confession

The bulldog-faced Danny Buck took a bite of slaw and sipped his iced tea. “Now y’all know that Bernie confessed don’t you?” he said, trying to keep his voice calm. “He came right out and told a Texas Ranger that he shot Mrs. Nugent four times in the back and then stuffed her in her…

Press intimidated about Unintimidated

With our governor’s book tour, I find myself surprised that few of our allegedly legitimate journalists aren’t asking what the results are of his “Unintimidated” policies- particularly Walker’s 2010 promise of 250,000 new jobs (later changed to 250,000 private-sector jobs) in his four years in office. Because that promise is … more» Via Jake’s Economic…

Walker’s book

Gov. Scott Walker’s new book, “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge,” has been faulted for what it omits. Attention is also due to what it delivers: A vast portal into the mindset of Wisconsin’s most controversial politician. The book, co-written by conservative scribe Marc Thiessen, provides ample ammunition to both Walker’s admirers and…