Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce wants small biz handout

Amazing. Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce is asking Congress for access to taxpayer-funded "small business" grants. The lobbying group is insisting that it is struggling just after its dark money arm dropped nearly $1M on the WI Supreme Court race. https://t.co/68Tudv9Evm pic.twitter.com/GYqFkfIVu1 — Brendan Fischer (@brendan_fischer) May 6, 2020          

Consumer Sentiments

52% of all consumer spending is done by those 65+ 36% of all restaurant business comes from those 55+, with a strong preference for "sit-down" restaurants. Just opening things up isn't going to re-set the economy. Seniors aren't coming back until they believe it's safe. — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) May 4, 2020      …

Forget Tesla

My next car WAS going to be Tesla. After reading Musk's tweet there is now a 0.0% chance that I buy one. https://t.co/jxNdJyXVv3 — Bluepool (Voting for the Dem) (@BadgerStew) April 30, 2020        

Big Ag makes its pitch

Big Ag’s biggest players benefit from making consumers think a food shortage is imminent if they’re made to shut down. Here are the facts > https://t.co/I4WWakF3F1 #WIRight #wipolitics #wiunion #ReopenAmerica — Wisconsin Strong (@WisconsinStrong) April 27, 2020          

Dairy for Dairyland

A Wisconsin creamery is keeping a refrigerator outside of its store fully stocked with free milk and other dairy products to help community members struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. https://t.co/dmQdKiVDia — CNN (@CNN) April 26, 2020