Among those who’ve taken the Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS research was Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, and while it seems commendable that he took the challenge, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that Rep. Ryan voted for legislation (the Budget Control Act of 2011) that defunded ALS research. Via Paul Ryan takes Ice Bucket Challenge for…


Father David Bergner, the director of Catholic Charities here, said that its parent organization, Catholic Charities USA, has been asked by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to look for sites that might be able to handle the influx of unaccompanied children immigrants. Via Milwaukee could shelter 100 border children @ JS Latino Connection Blog.

Billionaires give to schools

The local people might not appreciate the imaginative, dreaming experiment performed on their children. There seems to be a subtext that the subjects of the experiment have such bad prospects that its hard to put them in a worse position. Via Democracy trumped by big money @ Althouse.