Where’s Brian?

An annual gathering of the state big business lobby has been a must-make stop on the campaign trail for conservative candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. According to One Wisconsin Now Research Director Joanna Beilman-Dulin, the curious no-show of right-wing court candidate Brian Hagedorn looks like another sign his extremism is proving too much for even staunchly conservative organizations.

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Conservatives (lots of ’em) against Trump

Last weekend, I spoke at a panel at CPAC, a large national conservative gathering in Washington DC. Oh, I thought I was going to be brave. I resolved to let the chips fall where they may and boldly denounce Trump if given the chance. And I did. The subject was free speech and I said that Trump’s proposal to “open up” the libel laws so powerful politicians like him could sue their critics was antithetical to everything we believe in.

Huge applause. Turns out I wasn’t being so brave after all.

The only thing that really surprised me was the near uniformity and intensity of the anti-Trump sentiment. It is a running joke among movement conservatives and libertarians that, like Pauline Kael who knew no one who voted for Richard Nixon in 1972, we don’t know anybody who is supporting this guy. In fact, it seems that everyone we know not only does not support Trump, they can’t stand him.

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Schneider as Sophist 

Easily the most laughable analysis of the Trump phenomenon is by the Journal Sentinel’s Christian Schneider. He argues it is caused by mischief-making Democrats who want to see the Republicans nominate a loser. Does he offer exit poll information or any hard evidence whatsoever to prove his point? Nope.

Schneider has never operated as a journalist, just as a spin artist for the Republican Party. But in this case his fantasy is way out of touch even with the party his columns are meant to serve. That he functions as the only regular political commentator for the state’s largest newspaper is truly embarrassing.

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Scared by Speech

I’m puzzling over what’s supposed to be bad here. What’s wrong with political activity in support of an ideology and what’s wrong with trying to take down politicians you oppose instead of looking for politicians to boost? Is it that the political group is able to raise funds for itself and keep its operation going rather than to use the money to get people elected? Isn’t this kind of ideological activity done on both the left and the right? The only problem I can detect — and this isn’t in the article — is that it works best at the political extremes: moderates and realists can’t use it.

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I’ve always felt that he was a governor who did a conservative thing with the unions rather than a conservative governor who did a conservative thing with the unions.

‘He knows about cheese and cutting pensions’

But (Sheldon) Adelson is also said to be conflicted about the various potential Trump-slayers. Scott Walker, despite intensive lobbying efforts, is viewed by many close to Adelson as insufficiently serious about Israel and foreign policy. (“Look, he’s the governor of Wisconsin,” says Morton Klein, the president of the Adelson-backed Zionist Organization of America. “He knows about cheese and cutting pensions.”)

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Too Soon?

“Bob Vander Plaats, a key Iowa social conservative who is yet to endorse a candidate, recalls a conversation during the heady days of Walker’s rise. “One of his people called me,” he says, “and said how excited they were, and I said ‘I don’t wanna douse your excitement, but I don’t think you want to…

Conservative mag pans Walker

“In other words, nothing “happened” to Walker. His weaknesses as a national candidate were there for all to see, but most Republicans preferred not to see them until Walker made them impossible to ignore. Many of his fans assumed that Walker’s poor grasp of foreign policy issues would be remedied over time, but instead he has just adopted the most hard-line positions he could find with no sign that he has thought seriously about any of them. It is often said that he has been hurt most by Trump’s presence in the race, but that is mostly because he has responded to Trump’s challenge in the most ham-fisted and clumsy way possible.”

Via Democurmudgeon: American Conservative declares “nothing ‘happened’ to Walker” he’s “just a weak candidate.”


“….when Walker runs against Democrats, he is, as he likes to say, “Unintimidated.” But when he sees a Republican sneaking up to siphon away his voters, he’s like an elephant seeing a mouse.

As a presidential candidate, Walker was never as good as his early polling suggested, and he isn’t nearly as bad as his recent numbers show. But if he wants to revive his chances, he’s going to have to remind people of the Walker who showed backbone in the face of substantial public backlash.

It often seems as if we’ll find the Milwaukee Lion before we find that Walker again — and by then, it may be too late. Unfortunately for Walker, revealing his true self will take another image makeover — one that at this point, the public may not buy.

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Conservatives Blast Walker for Hiring Hot-Headed, Self-Promoting Insider

“Gov. Walker should have known better than to hire Brad Dayspring, the worst GOP anti-conservative hit man in Washington,” Bozell wrote in a statement released Wednesday. “ Brad Dayspring has a despicable record using character assassination to besmirch the reputations of conservative candidates and public policy leaders. He’s paid to do the ugly work of…