She says he’ll sign

Gov. Scott Walker would sign a bill repealing the state’s prevailing wage if it passes the Legislature, his spokeswoman said Wednesday. Laurel Patrick made the comments as an Assembly committee heard testimony on a repeal bill, which the committee later approved 5-4. Via Scott Walker says he would sign prevailing wage repeal @ State Journal.


And yet, everybody’s always getting older, tending more toward conservatism, and, yes, eventually, dying. So the more conservative party is always dying, but it’s also always receiving new entrants, as the once-young become old. Via “The GOP Is Dying Off. Literally” @ Althouse.

Blaska calls for obedience

Pretty poor provender after 50 years of Great Society redistribution, federal mandates, and an alphabet soup of well-meaning programs. Today, America has more intractable poverty, fewer intact families, worse public schools, less hope, and more lawlessness — symbolized by Baltimore. Ah, yes! Body cameras are the answer! Every Sandtown will be transformed into a Georgetown.…


Walker’s re-creation of his political identity is a test of whether a Republican presidential candidate can win on the basis of decisive margins among whites (while getting crushed among minority voters). Via Enter Scott Walker, Stage Right @  NYT.


“I think so, no question about it. You know, if enough Republicans have a thing to say, why, he’ll defeat her by a major margin,” he said, effusively praising Mr. Walker’s performance. “I thought he had a great message. Scott Walker is terrific and I really wish him all the best. He’s a tremendous candidate…

Conservatives win council seats in blue Janesville

Contrary to what I believe some “progressives’ are thinking, the decisive re-election wins by incumbent Janesville council members Sam Liebert and Doug Marklein represent huge wins for the corporate status quo Walker-booster club Forward Janesville and the Janesville Gazette. Three of four of the candidates pushed by the Gazette won seats on the city council.…