Cheer in a dark time

Inflatable unicorns spotted making people smile during coronavirus https://t.co/qbPpJHJtWR via @journalsentinel — John Adams (@DailyAdams) April 5, 2020 .        

Unearthed Interview

Unearthed Feb 13 radio interview: Trump on Coronavirus, says China "handled it very professionally" and "April date is very important…because that's when it gets warm and this virus reacts very poorly to heat and dies" https://t.co/Oxt3kjqxfN — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) April 3, 2020      

Three Weeks Later

He came to Fond du Lac to install a new computer program at a local hospital. He died from COVID-19 three weeks later at the same hospital. https://t.co/Aa0D3RHchL — Mark Treinen (@MarkTreinen) April 3, 2020