Corruption Probe

They’ll Make it Good Legal

The far-right Wisconsin Supreme Court already handed Governor Scott Walker a “get out of jail free card” when it called a halt to the John Doe criminal probe into campaign finance violations by Walker and his team of advisors during the 2011-2012 recall elections.

Now, the Wisconsin legislature is going the extra mile with three separate bills to retroactively decriminalize the behavior at the heart of the investigation and to defang the nonpartisan elections agency that aided it….

Via WI GOP Begins Retroactive Decriminalization of Scott Walker Fundraising @ PR Watch.

Not Judge Daley

He knows he would have no chance being selected by hyper-partisan blacklister Gov. Scott Walker. Why? Because Daley was one of the judges who authorized the John Doe investigation.

That’s why Wisconsin’s right-wing radio nutjobs attacked him during his campaign and why the dark money Big Club special interest groups all but abandoned him against incumbent SC Ann Walsh Bradley. They know Daley was capable of carrying out their wishes, but being named as a defendant in their lawsuit aimed at stopping the wheels of justice from prosecuting Walker turned Daley into political kryptonite.

Via Why Judge Daley Won’t Seek SC Appointment From Walker @ Rock Netroots.


“There is striking similarity between all the accounts that have appeared in the conservative media even when they describe ostensibly different events. Although most of the descriptions are sourced anonymously, two sources do appear repeatedly: Eric O’Keefe when it comes to the claims in the conservative media and attorney David Rivkin when it comes to the claims in the briefs. Rivkin was O’Keefe’s lawyer throughout the challenges to the second John Doe investigation, and is listed as co-counsel on Archer’s complaint. O’Keefe and Rivkin are the most likely authors of this fiction.”

Via Data Wonk: About Those John Doe “Paramilitary Raids” @ Urban Milwaukee

Governor says he didn’t know

“The information they said, the paper they released was new to us,” Walker said at a campaign stop here the day after Thursday’s GOP presidential debate. “We point out this is something that’s been over for more than two years and it’s a done deal. It’s been done for quite some time. The document…they released the other day, we did not have (that) information. Again…a Democratic district attorney closed this case more than two years ago.”

Via Scott Walker says he didn’t know he was a John Doe target @ JSOnline

Walker Was the Target

Madison— “Gov. Scott Walker was under criminal investigation in 2011 for misconduct in office — even as he insisted he wasn’t — over a proposed real estate deal when he was Milwaukee County executive, according to records filed Wednesday in federal court. The Republican governor — who is running for president — was never charged…

Better without Doe

“While Democrats are decrying the state Supreme Court decision, they ought to be relieved. It would have been short work for a Republican prosecutor to launch a similar probe into Democratic operatives. That would have been just as wrong, but if the Doe had been permitted to continue, aggressive investigations of one side by the…

Walker aide exaggerated police conduct during corruption raid

“Cindy Archer, a longtime aide to Gov. Scott Walker, has described a 2011 police raid on her home in which officers screamed at her, threw a search warrant at her without reading it, barred her from stepping outside to smoke and failed to inform her of her constitutional rights Newly unsealed audio of the three-hour incident tells a different…

Claim of Obstruction

The Milwaukee County executive’s office under Scott Walker “obstructed” a criminal investigation into missing donations to a veterans fund, two investigators alleged Friday in a federal court brief that includes recently unsealed investigative records.

The documents provide new information about the extent of the now-closed John Doe criminal investigation into the activities of Walker and his staff before he was elected governor in 2010. The filing came in response to a lawsuit filed by one of the Republican governor’s former top aides, Cindy Archer, who claims she and others have been targeted by Democratic Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm because of their work on behalf of Walker.

The filing in U.S. District Court in Milwaukee revealed that Archer and Walker’s then-campaign treasurer, John Hiller, were under criminal investigation five years ago for their actions involving the proposed lease of office space by Milwaukee County that would have benefited real-estate clients of Hiller’s who had made donations to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign.

Via Scott Walker’s office ‘obstructed’ probe of missing veterans funds, investigators allege @ WisconsinWatch.org

John Doe fades away

“Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been under investigation since his first day in office. But before a national audience even becomes aware of the fact, it will all be over. This week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court is likely to quash an investigation–run by a veteran Republican prosecutor–into allegations that Walker’s team broke campaign finance laws…

Rindfleisch: Scapegoat or Scoundrel?

“MADISON, Wis. (AP) – One of Gov. Scott Walker’s former aides has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to toss out her conviction for campaigning on government time. Kelly Rindfleisch served as Walker’s deputy chief of staff when Walker was the Milwaukee County executive. Prosecutors accused her of working on Walker’s gubernatorial campaign and Republican Brett…

No, but thanks for asking

Madison– The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a lawsuit seeking to block a secret probe into Gov. Scott Walker’s 2012 recall campaign and its dealings with allied groups, effectively ending the appeal in federal court by targets of the investigation. The high-profile probe remains stalled, however, because of a separate action by…

We’ll never be that lucky

Complaining about this assault on political speech is only “self-righteous whining,” says Mr. Rickert, who makes his living off the First Amendment, undiluted, thanks to a generous exemption from campaign finance law. (Read it and weep here.) Via Chris Rickert, hand over your laptop and cell phone this instant! @ Blaska’s Bring It!

Putting up

“I [John Doe Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz] invite the governor to join me in seeking judicial approval to lawfully release information now under seal which would be responsive to the allegations that have been made,” his statement said. “Such information, when lawfully released, will show that these recent allegations are patently false.” Via Scott Walker…

Some raids are more equal than others

Early this week, the National Review came out with an explosive cover story detailing the experience of three private citizens subjected to armed police with battering rams conducting pre-dawn raids of their homes, seizing cell phones and personal computers, and admonishing them to tell no one — even as the authorities apparently tipped off favored…

Hand & glove

Walker has gone from saying that he has done nothing wrong to saying that the illegal collaboration isn’t really illegal because they said so. There is good reason for Walker and his allies to change their tune…. Via Walkergate: Collaboration? What Collaboration? Oh, THAT Collaboration! @ Cognitive Dissidents.

Kelly Rindfleisch is still guilty

“Rindfleisch has failed to present any evidence at any time during these proceedings that tends to suggest that her Fourth Amendment rights were violated by the seizure authorized in these warrants,” the decision reads. Via Court rejects ex-Walker aide’s appeal of conviction in Doe case.