No Excuse

No excuse for what happened in Madison last night. Vandalism and violence absolutely undermines #BLM. I’m glad Tim’s OK. And, any of the vandals know why the Hans Heg statue was there in the first place? — Jon Erpenbach (@JonErpenbach) June 24, 2020      

Not “allegedly” attacked

Ummm… it's not an alleged attack if you're camera is literally punched out of your hand. Mob mentality has to end. https://t.co/YElipzGLaG — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) June 24, 2020          

Racial Disparity

Biggest part of it is the massive disparity in both the construction and enforcement of laws. One example: Whites use marijuana at a slightly higher rate than Blacks, yet Blacks are arrested for possession SIX times more than whites. pic.twitter.com/mhkobIMKqT — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) June 4, 2020

Fitzgerald Didn’t Act

This is the Wisconsin state senator who gaveled out of a special session in November, which was called by the Governor to address the state’s gun violence crisis, just minutes after it started. Molson Coors #wileg https://t.co/p9jphgVocD — Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) February 26, 2020