Former Wisconsin state senator Kevin Shibilski faces federal charges

The indictment issued by a grand jury in Madison alleges Shibilski, 59, of Merrill, illegally stored and disposed of broken and crushed glass from cathode ray tubes at warehouses operated by 5R Processors Ltd. in Wisconsin and Tennessee, and that the material was hazardous because of lead toxicity. The indictment also charges Shibilski with eight…


We are asking for an independent investigation by the DOJ into law enforcement’s repeated use of force against protesters in Kenosha, and for curfew violations be dismissed because the curfew was illegally enforced. Read our full statement here: https://t.co/d0Q42q4Ope pic.twitter.com/OsZgVPNvf1 — ACLU of Wisconsin (@ACLUofWisconsin) September 9, 2020              


Alleged double-murderer Kyle Rittenhouse was fixated on supporting police before deadly shooting in Kenosha https://t.co/vC2UdIajCf — John Adams (@DailyAdams) August 27, 2020            


“Bruh I’m just tryna be famous” says an online profile of Kyle Rittenhouse, the #militia teen arrested in connection with the #Kenosha murder of protesters. #KenoshaShooter @henryredrobin @BuzzFeedPol@tiktok_us https://t.co/IfK11hMUlW pic.twitter.com/REj5MslZtH — Wisconsin Examiner (@WIExaminer) August 27, 2020                


BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse arrested in Antioch, IL. Initial complaint ticket shows he'll be charged with 1st degree intentional homicide for Kenosha shooting. 1/ — Nick Penzenstadler (@npenzenstadler) August 26, 2020        


A member of the white supremacist #BoogalooBoys shot multiple protesters in #Kenosha. Although he had an AR15 he was not confronted by police or SWAT but ignored & allowed to walk out of the area. @KenoshaPolice shoot unarmed Black men but see armed white men as allies. pic.twitter.com/NBNxw9aRNY — Bishop Talbert Swan (@TalbertSwan) August 26,…

Advocates question Wisconsin’s police reviews

Wisconsin’s law requires independence only in investigations, not in prosecutions. That means prosecutors are tasked with determining charges against officers they work with, said David Sklansky, a faculty co-director of the Stanford Criminal Justice Center. Under the current law, the state Justice Department’s division of criminal investigation or another independent agency will spend between one…

Sterling Hall Bombing, 50 Years Later

When a bomb tore through Sterling Hall 50 years ago, it also damaged University Hospital, which was across Charter Street. “I felt the heat, a flash of light lit the room, and the force threw me back across the foot of the patient’s bed,” a nurse recalls. https://t.co/ltCipGLsP6 — UW-Madison (@UWMadison) August 24, 2020  …

Only two weeks ago…

Remember way, way back two weeks ago when extortionist @SenRonJohnson had his jackfest with indicted serial grifter Steve Bannon?https://t.co/o0qfv7ECVj pic.twitter.com/EHhgSpCucV — Scot Ross (@rossacrosswi) August 20, 2020            


There’s a saying in Shawano County, usually attributed to the county’s former district attorney, that if you come on vacation, you’ll leave on probation. Decades of law and order prosecutors and a historically punitive culture have created a court system that mistreats outsiders, locals, Native Americans from the neighboring Menominee Reservation, defendants and victims. At…

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Eight of the nine Democratic candidates running for two open state Senate seats in Dane County pledged to back a series of proposals aiming to overhaul aspects of the criminal justice system in Wisconsin during a forum Tuesday. https://t.co/sfUsQhZHTY — Wisconsin State Journal (@WiStateJournal) July 29, 2020        

No Excuse

No excuse for what happened in Madison last night. Vandalism and violence absolutely undermines #BLM. I’m glad Tim’s OK. And, any of the vandals know why the Hans Heg statue was there in the first place? — Jon Erpenbach (@JonErpenbach) June 24, 2020