Retailers of the Politically Ambitious

A CNN article about how Scott Walker has branded himself with a brand — the Wisconsin-based retailer Kohl’s. CNN enumerates 4 reasons for Walker to use the Kohl’s brand: 1. It signifies frugality, 2. He has a way to connect it to tax policy, 3. He can contrast himself to Hillary who probably shops at…

What’s a ‘basic bitch?’

Via “Over the past year, we have arrived at an odd cultural and lexicographical moment: To dress ‘normal’ is the height of chic, yet to call someone ‘basic’ is the chicest put-down…” @ Althouse. 

At least it wasn’t a leisure suit

JIMMY FALLON: President Obama will attend a NATO summit in Wales this week with 67 other world leaders. He’s trying to project strength so the White House says he’ll be wearing his toughest shade of tan suit, somewhere between a hazelnut and a sesame. Very intimidating, almost like a “2” setting on a toaster. Via Jimmy…


Via Prince Fielder among those athletes posing nude in ESPN The Magazine’s body issue @ JS SportsDay Blog.

Fashion advice for Gov. Walker

Liked this Scott Walker critique: This week’s Politico Magazine features a piece in which “Project Runway” stylist Tim Gunn offers his fashion advice to potential 2016 presidential candidates… more» Via Democurmudgeon.