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Scott Walker Was for China Until He Was Against It

But here’s the thing: The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation—which was a key part of Walker’s (unsuccessful) plan to bring 250,000 jobs to the state during his first term as governor, currently has two “Global Trade Ventures” advertised in 2016—to China. And in 2013, per Forbes, the governor met with Xi Jinping while in China on a trip promoting trade between his state and the country.

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Sen. McCarthy Gov. Walker Blames Red China

Spartanburg, S.C. – Ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the U.S. next month, Gov. Scott Walker released the below statement.

“Americans are struggling to cope with the fall in today’s markets driven in part by China’s slowing economy and the fact that they actively manipulate their economy. Rather than honoring Chinese President Xi Jinping with an official state visit next month, President Obama should focus on holding China accountable over its increasing attempts to undermine U.S. interests. Given China’s massive cyberattacks against America, its militarization of the South China Sea, continued state interference with its economy, and persistent persecution of Christians and human rights activists, President Obama needs to cancel the state visit. There’s serious work to be done rather than pomp and circumstance. We need to see some backbone from President Obama on U.S.-China relations.”

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Red State Governor v. Red China


President (Barack) Obama’s inability to defend our networks from these attacks, despite spending $12.7 billion on cybersecurity last year, is yet another example of his and Secretary (Hillary) Clinton’s weakness toward China.”

He also said the United States “must press China to cease its provocations in the South China Sea and support the rights of its people….

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Now he tells us

“Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told the Times of London “that efforts to oust Saddam Hussein and replace his tyrannical regime with democracy were unworkable, and that he had concerns about the plan from the beginning.” Via Thanks For Nothing, Donald Rumsfeld @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

He’d go back

Possible Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker said Sunday he wouldn’t rule out invading Iraq again if he’s elected president. In an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” the Wisconsin governor said as commander-in-chief, he would order a reinvasion if U.S. national security were threatened. Via Another Invasion Of Iraq? Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Possible Presidential Candidate,…

Meanwhile, SKW sends his best

“We may have a crap budget, but we’re going to make it better,” state Rep. Rob Brooks (R-Saukville) said on the Assembly floor Wednesday. Brooks responded with the candor of a freshman lawmaker to comments Wednesday by Democrats like state Rep. Andy Jorgensen of Milton, who likened Walker’s proposal to a “dumpster fire.” Via WI Assembly…


Ron Johnson says he regrets anti-Obama letter was addressed to Iranian leaders http://t.co/F7JrVAvfDI pic.twitter.com/qm3kriuvv2 — Wis. State Journal (@WiStateJournal) March 14, 2015

Like George W.

Still, several conservatives who have met with him said Walker has the right temperament and, with time, can gain more knowledge, comparing his foreign-policy outlook to that of former president George W. Bush. Abrams said Bush viewed diplomacy “as a form of politics. I saw that same phenomenon in Walker. Things like never make a…