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The process that is about to unfold is perfect political theater, but also perfect comeuppance to a truly underhanded leader.  Netanyahu, who is running for his fourth consecutive term as prime minister, is now entitled to a hearing to challenge the charges.  If the case proceeds, (and it will) he would be the first sitting prime minister to be indicted.

As an American I hope he is expelled from office like an olive pit.  His actions over the years have severely damaged a policy for a two-state solution.  Last week I read news reports where he encouraged Jewish Pride, the racist party of Rabbi Meir Kahane which encourages hatred of Arabs, to enter his coalition.

Then there is the Genesis Prize, an embarrassing $1 million annual scheme that Netanyahu concocted to dole out to wealthy American Jews whom he perceives as ‘valuable’. This year’s winner is, none other than Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.  He’s just been criminally charged for paying a trafficked slave in Palm Beach to perform sex acts on him.  (Wow.)

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North Korea 

A 33 year old megalomaniac is working diligently to continue the control over “his” people in North Korea.  His country has now, according to his recent statement, perfected the sizing of a nuclear warhead to permit it to be fitted atop a missile.  That, of course, is his thinly veiled warning to us, to the United States of America, since we believe that we are now within range of his missiles, and that those missiles can now be tipped with thermonuclear devices.

This all comes just two days after he threatened a pre-emptive nuclear strike as our forces and those of South Korea began their annual joint military exercises.

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Limited Grasp 

Bernie Sanders could do a lot worse than listening to the advice of Henry Kissinger.   What I heard tonight in the Democratic presidential debate about the former Secretary of State is simply one of the most unfortunate statements that the presidential candidate has made.

I find it simply amazing how limited in scope Sanders remains when it comes to foreign policy. To just discount one of the premier voices about world affairs because of a difference of opinion about one area or another proves how unsuited Sanders is to sit in the Oval Office. 

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WISGOP: Feingold’s Foreign Policy is Dangerous

Senator —

November 30, 2015

Senator Russ Feingold’s Foreign Policy is Dangerous and Out of Touch

[Madison, Wis.] – As global threats to America and its allies overseas continue to grow, Wisconsin needs a leader who puts the safety of the country before radical ideology. Ron Johnson is leading the charge and fighting to do everything necessary to keep Wisconsinites safe from harm. At the same time, Senator Russ Feingold is doubling down on his radical ideology and praising Barack Obama’s poor handling of crises around the world.

“Senator Feingold’s only solution to our national security threats is the formation of another government-run committee, and he couldn’t be more out of touch with the threats we face each day,” said Pat Garrett, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Ron Johnson continues to bring people together behind commonsense solutions to keep our country safe, meanwhile Feingold clings to a rigid foreign policy that isn’t working and has America leading from behind.”


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Eleven-Hour Fiasco

AND: From Amy Davidson in The New Yorker:

Clinton has been immersed in politics for decades, and yet the panel managed to make the contrast between her manner and the ways of Washington look stark. She appeared to be a sensible outsider. At 7:15 P.M., nine hours after the hearings began, Martha Roby, of Alabama, asked Clinton about her movements when she went home on the night of the attack. “Were you alone?” she asked. Yes, Clinton said. “The whole night?” Clinton started to laugh once more. “I don’t see why that’s funny,” Roby said. Not funny, perhaps, but, like the Benghazi committee itself, absurd.

Via “Trey Gowdy Says His 11-Hour Benghazi Hearing Didn’t Reveal Anything New.” @ Althouse.


The quip from incoming house speaker Kevin McCarthy says all that needs saying when it comes to the ongoing, continual, meaningless political game the Republicans are playing with Benghazi. Republicans have cheapened the narrative over Benghazi and proved they are intent only on playing in the shallow end of the pool. What they should be more concerned about is how this plays with an electorate that is not in the mood for more of the same from congress. Using committee hearings on Benghazi for political gain does not restore the institution of congress or move this nation forward.

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Walker flips on Syrian refugees, actually takes a position

A few days ago Scott Walker refused to answer a question about Syrian refugees because “I’m not president today, and I can’t be president today.” This was a novel take on presidential campaign questions, which are—for obvious reasons—all about what you’d do as president. But apparently Walker decided it was unfair to ask him about that before he actually became president. He left unclear what kinds of questions would be left for reporters to ask him.

Today, unsurprisingly, Walker changed his tune. He decided to “clarify” his answer, which turned out to be simple: he doesn’t want the US to take in any more Syrian refugees. We take in plenty already. Instead, he wants to increase our bombing campaign against ISIS. This would probably make the refugee crisis worse, but whatever.

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