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"A confluence of events over the past month-all seeming to favor Democrats-has shifted the dynamics in this Rust Belt battleground. Wisconsin plunged into its worst bout with Covid-19 since the onset of the pandemic, reminding voters of the uneven response from the Trump admin… https://t.co/jdXp4MqQdR — Mary Spicuzza (@MSpicuzzaMJS) October 14, 2020      …

Bye, Felicia

U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, a Republican who has held the seat since 1979, is retiring. https://t.co/qZzft8tcwj — Wisconsin State Journal (@WiStateJournal) September 6, 2020              

GOP Bigly Donor

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is a huge RNC, McConnell, Trump donor, giving Trump Victory $715,600 from January 2019-April 2020 @mattrothschildof @wisdc reminds us. He also gave $10,000 to Scott Walker in June 2018.https://t.co/x4gFMtfN8H pic.twitter.com/7QNZJ2ZwUa — Wisconsin Examiner (@WIExaminer) August 20, 2020    

More cases but no GOP plan

ICYMI Protestors spread COVID19 in Wisconsin & other states. Republican lawmakers still have no plan to save lives Less plans = more caseshttps://t.co/zY1rZXVzfA #Wisconsin #wipolitics #wisdems #wisgop #wiunion #wiright #SCOWIS @SenFitzgerald @RepVos @RepDittrich @GovEvers — Coffee Bean (@CoffeeBean26) May 18, 2020 .            


Any assistance Walker can render Cruz is in line with Walker’s stated goal last fall of defeating Donald Trump.As recently as March 7th, The Daily Caller was reporting that Walker was weighing whether to endorse a candidate before the Republican Primary. Walker also told The Daily Caller, “And I think for the candidates I might be inclined to endorse, nobody would be surprised in that, I haven’t endorsed, [but] I’m probably handily more aligned politically with the two senators — Cruz and Rubio, but I’m not going to make an endorsement one over the other.”

Via Wigderson: Scott Walker Needs To Endorse Ted Cruz @ Right Wisconsin.