Film: From Dishwasher to Award-Winning Restaurateur

Hugo Ortega crossed over the Mexican border and arrived in Houston, Texas, without documents and without knowing any English. Over the next few years, he would become a citizen through President Reagan’s amnesty program and go from washing dishes to owning multiple restaurants. Now, he and his wife, Tracy Vaught—whom he met while working as a dishwasher in her restaurant in the 80’s—are the “reigning powerhouse couple of Houston’s competitive restaurant scene.”

In this documentary produced by Katherine Wells for The Atlantic‘s American Dreams series, Ortega reflects on his journey within the industry. “I have a great responsibility to represent the Mexican cuisine in a proper way,” he says. “It’s a magnificent cuisine.”


Rand Ridicules Scott’s Canadian Wall

“There have been a lot of dumb ideas put out,” Paul continued. “One, that the Mexicans will pay for a wall, was probably the dumbest of dumb ideas. But putting a wall up between us and Canada is sort of a ridiculous notion. It is sort of like everybody is now competing to say, ‘Oh no, I’ll put them in camps. Oh no, I’ll throw them out. Oh no, I’ll put everyone in jail. And I’ll have an electric fence, and I’ll do this.’ And it’s like, you know, the biggest thing we need to do is have a functioning immigration system, with a good work program.”

Via RandPaul: Wall Between US And Canada Is ‘A Pretty Dumb Idea’ @ TPM.

Dairy industry turns on Walker

This shift on immigration policy has caused a backlash from some in the dairy industry, with some saying the governor’s new positions would threaten their livelihoods if he became president..John Rosenow owns a dairy farm with roughly 1,000 cows in Buffalo County, Wisconsin.

In a state with nearly 10,000 dairies, Rosenow’s operation is one of the largest, and he has no illusions about what would happen if Walker’s positions took effect. “Of course, his proposals, as he mouthed them, would put us out of business, and it would put most dairy farmers in the state out of business.”

Currently, half of Rosenow’s 20 employees come from outside the United States. He says that most of them come from the same area in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.

Via Scott Walker’s new immigration hard line could harm Wisconsin’s farmers @ The Guardian.


“WASHINGTON — Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) affirmed on Sunday that he would not seek to end birthright citizenship as president, seemingly bringing to an end a days-long grapple for a definitive position on the issue. “No,” said the Wisconsin Republican when asked if he was “seeking to repeal or alter the 14th Amendment,” during an interview with…

Billionaire donor complains about Walker’s immigration shift 

Hubbard said that he “might really quickly change my allegiance” if Walker pushed for such a repeal [of birthright citizenship], and that he “did not get a real straight answer” from the candidate at his Tuesday lunch. But Hubbard, who came away ready write more checks to help Walker, added: “I got the feeling that he is not at all anxious to talk about taking away those rights.”

Via Fading in the polls, Scott Walker aims to attract Trump voters @ The Washington Post

ALEC Called for Ending Birthright Citizenship First

In the face of declining poll numbers, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker jumped on the bandwagon, declaring that he too would dismantle the 14th Amendment, which grants citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States.” Even GOP presidential candidates who personally benefitted from birthright citizenship joined in. Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal, both of whom are American citizens despite being born to non-citizen parents, called for restricting the program.

How these candidates would undo 117 years of precedent is unclear: they would either have to amend the constitution, or appoint activist U.S. Supreme Court justices willing to reverse the 1898 court decision that found the constitution guaranteed citizenship to all children born in the United States.The American Legislative Exchange Council, or “ALEC,” adopted the same policy in a 2008 resolution.

Via Not Just Trump and Walker: ALEC Called for Ending Birthright Citizenship Too @ PR Watch

Harsh and narrow

“No matter where one sits there is no way not to be shocked for what is passing as political dialogue among the candidates running for the Republican Party nomination.  The problem for the party is that it all is so damaging for the general election in 2016. One has to almost feel bad for the…


“Coming from the town of Plainfield, Iowa, with fewer than 500 people, Walker has said he saw Delavan as the “big city” when his family moved there in 1977…. The area’s Latino population has grow[n] exponentially since around that time. Only 7% in 1980, it climbed to 11% in 1990, then 21% in 2000 and…

Pay to Stay

Gov. Scott Walker has been trying to turn himself into an anti-immigration crusader as he gears up to run for president in 2016. But there’s one federal visa program you won’t hear him attack. It’s the controversial and deeply troubled immigrant investor program. The program – known as EB-5 – puts wealthy foreigners on the…