Pride (and Prejudice)

But there is a strange dichotomy evident between the continued progress of the LGBT community and other marginalized communities and the horrible backlash against that progress.


“One of the questions on the jury sheet was, ‘Do you believe that lesbianism is morally wrong?’ And I would say a good 75 % of the people we interviewed said yes. But then the district attorneys, [prosecuting attorneys], would ask if they thought they could set aside their opinion of lesbians and judge the case just on the evidence, and they would say yes,” said Penny Brummer. “(Ingrid Ricks, The Advocate (1995)].

Via Notable Quotes from a Malicious Prosecution @ MAL Contends…


“You’ve heard it before; Republican Governors say they want to replace Common Core with a unique statewide educational policy. Local, local, local!!! Except when they don’t. Are ready for another right wing lie? What does a supposed Wisconsin “centered” curriculum really looks like under conservative authority rule: WSJ: A 6-year-old student went to school at…