Actual Winnings

$675-million dollars would mean extended time with far-flung family and friends, time to volunteer for non-profit agencies and taking the “long way” to our next destination–instead of driving as fast as possible on the boring interstate.  So as you stand in line this week to buy your next set of tickets (spending only what you can afford to lose) don’t think about what you can buy with the jackpot–think about what you can do with the time you will actually be winning.

Via My Two Cents: The Real Jackpot.


Police: No significant incidents at Mifflin Street Block Party, Revelry Fest #news3 http://t.co/xX2cXDPKqi — WISCTV News 3 (@WISCTV_News3) May 3, 2015


Scott Walker owes Sears up to $50,000. According to his most recent financial disclosure forms, the governor owed between $10,000 and $100,000 to credit card companies in 2014. One of the cards listed is a Barclay Card, and the other is a Sears MasterCard….The Boston Globe noted that Walker has the lowest net worth of…

Cannabis debate doesn’t follow script

HLN talk show host Nancy Grace discussed the subject with rapper 2 Chainz, who is a known smoker. I think whoever put this segment together believed the loud-mouthed Grace would own the segment. They showed clips of parents giving their toddlers weed and kids getting high. But the segment did not go down as expected.…

Drunk deaths down in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation said 185 people died in alcohol-related crashes last year — down 47 percent since 2003. Injuries from those crashes have dropped 59 percent in the same period. Via Drunken driving deaths down 47 percent since 2003 @ Channel3000 Madison.

More is less and worse

While binge drinking is a widespread problem on college campuses, data from a survey that is part of a UW-Madison initiative to reduce high-risk drinking suggests the problem at UW-Madison is signficant and “probably worse” than at other institutions, Sarah Van Orman, executive director of University Health Services, told the student newspaper. Via UW-Madison survey…