City of Madison Meetings 

Holy (whatever), this is one huge mess this week. There are 4 meetings in legistar without agendas, 2 committees show up in legistar and aren’t on the weekly schedule and of the meetings that are scheduled 5 are in the middle of the day. No meeting on Tuesday for the election. Don’t forget to vote!

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Blue Agave

Blue Agave opened late last year in the former home of the Bayou, bringing yet another Mexican option to downtown. I’ll probably return for happy hour when the drinks aren’t overpriced and to get more of the delicious guacamole.Similar to the Bayou, Blue Agave turns into a dance club after dinner, featuring Latin music.The menu has the expected chicken dishes, burritos, fajitas, chimichangas and tacos. The entrees here are big and filling.

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Plan to spend Saturday, May 5th in Madison for the Wisconsin Bike Summit where you will gather inspiration and ideas from people doing great work across the state.

This year’s program will focus on what’s happening around our state at the grassroots level.  The Summit brings together bicycling and equity advocates, transportation planners, elected officials, and others, all working in diverse ways to make Wisconsin a great place to bicycle.

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I can not be the only citizen of Madison perplexed as to why Isthmus writer Dylan Brogan thought it a great idea to follow a tagger in a nighttime journey to see a train car defaced.   Should I assume the local pusher was not able to take the reporter out for a look at how deals are made. Perhaps the local bank robber just thought better of including the press in his holdup.

The bottom line is there is no glory in tagging and certainly no reason to (excuse my bad pun) paint this element for anything other than what they are.  Criminals.  And to suggest in any way taggers are artists is akin to claiming a slicer on the golf course would be a great hire at a deli.

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Trying to legislate away poverty

“I made this list of places homeless have been banned from or are not allowed to sleep or just be- but I missed a few, so I’m revising the list. The bench ordinance and the ban from sleeping at the city-county building are two more to the list. All this effort and homelessness has increased…

Family of Tony Robinson Sues City of Madison, Officer Who Killed Him

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Madison, states that Robinson was killed “without lawful justification” and “through an act of intentional homicide” by Kenny on March 6 at an apartment building on Williamson Street on Madison’s Near East Side.

The lawsuit was filed by the Robinson’s estate, with his mother, Andrea Irwin, as representative for the estate. Lawyers for the estate are from the Chicago civil rights firm Loevy & Loevy.

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