Mary Burke

Movin’ on up

Records show she is selling her three-bedroom bungalow after she recently moved into an upscale apartment in downtown Madison. Via Mary Burke selling Madison house she highlighted in campaign @ JS No Quarter Blog.

Waiting for a progressive

From now on, Wisconsin Democrats should run real progressives in high-profile races, not corporate hacks like Mary Burke. I think the Democratic Party of Wisconsin would be far better off if they ran actual progressives for every office. Via Why I’m glad that Mary Burke won’t run for statewide office in Wisconsin again @ The…

Koch-Connected Group Ridicules Libertarians

The Kochs are described by their fans as genuine libertarians, rather than partisan moneybags aimed at electing Republicans who will push a deregulatory, anti-tax agenda that benefits the Kochs’ industrial operations and augments their personal wealth. Yet, their funding network has long bankrolled organizations with anti-libertarian views that work to elect Republican candidates. This includes right-wing religious groups…