No cheaper prescriptions for you

Want cheaper epi-pen prescriptions in Wisconsin? Too bad; our full time lawmakers (led by Republican majority) are taking the rest of 2020 off.https://t.co/vDvRAqom7R#Wisconsin #wipolitics #wisdems #wisgop #wiunion #LeadRight @SenFitzgerald @RepSteineke @SpeakerVos @Rep89 pic.twitter.com/wfHPiUGn9m — Coffee Bean (@CoffeeBean26) February 17, 2020      

NBC stands its ground against Wisconsin

Authorities in Wisconsin did not want you to read this story. First a prosecutor sought a gag order after I reached out seeking comment. Then a state agency sent me a cease and desist order warning of potential criminal charges. Proud of @NBCNews for publishing it anyway. https://t.co/Gd2QoK54wS — Mike Hixenbaugh (@Mike_Hixenbaugh) January 27, 2020…

Going backward

Lets cut to the core and call out those nit-wits who claim that immunizations cause autism for what they are.  Simply put, they are no smarter than the flat-earth crowd.   But those who thought there was a threat of dropping off the edge of the world could do no harm, whereas those who refuse to fulfill their responsibility to have their child immunized poses a real threat to the rest of our families.

Via What Depression Era Children Knew, Too Many Current Parents Fail To Understand @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS

Bobby Jindal Blasts Scott Walker for Big-Spending Healthcare Plan

“In Governor Walker’s plan, a new entitlement is created for every single American human being from the time they are born right up until they grow old and become eligible for Medicare[1]. It is frankly shocking that a Republican candidate for President would author a cradle to grave plan like this.

“Governor Walker has taken the bait laid out for him by the President, and has accepted the notion that we need a new federal government entitlement program, and now he is merely quibbling over the details. So here we are again, not standing on free market principles, but rather, establishing ourselves as ‘cheaper Democrats.’

Via Jindal: Governor Walker’s Health Care Plan is New Federal Entitlement Program @ BobbyJindal.com.

Walker Unveils ObamaCare Alternative

Mr. Walker called his plan “cost neutral,” but he didn’t explain how he would pay $802 billion in increased Medicare spending that would come from repealing the Affordable Care Act. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has also said that repealing the health care law would increase federal budget deficits by $137 billion over the next decade. Mr. Walker’s 6½-page proposal doesn’t address how he would pay for his plan beyond a vow to cut spending on Medicaid, the state-federal health insurance for the poor, and institute a tax on so-called Cadillac health care plans.

Via Scott Walker Unveils Health-Care Plan @ Wall Street Journal.

Wisconsin malpractice victims get shortchanged

“Wisconsin doctors paid fewer malpractice claims per capita last year than their peers in any other state — and physicians are consistently at the bottom nationwide when it comes to paying such claims, according to a Journal Sentinel analysis….” Via No Relief | A Journal Sentinel Watchdog Update – Wisconsin last among states for malpractice claim…

The Road to Quackery

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon and vice chairman of the surgery department at Columbia University’s medical school.  Most people know him, sadly, as a huckster and promoter of quack remedies.  Other prominent physicians across America, at leading institutions, have had enough of the embarrassment that Oz’s sales pitches are to medicine…. Via The…

The VA’s Candy Man

An official confirmed that the state Department of Safety and Professional Services is investigating David Houlihan, chief of staff at the troubled Tomah facility. Houlihan had been given the nickname "Candy Man" by some vets for his supposedly easy and widespread distribution of painkillers. He wrote at least some of the prescriptions for a 35-year-old…

Patient gets $2.5-million from jailbird surgeon

Todd Orvedahl was 35 when when he underwent back surgery in 2007, said Orvedahl’s attorney, Victor Harding. The procedure left Orvedahl in greater pain that persists today, Harding said. It was so bad that Orvedahl, who had risen from an estimator at F. J. A. Christiansen Roofing to president of the company, had to leave…