More than a nip 

[The Australian Fair Work] full bench said Mr Urso’s evidence could ‘simply not be accepted’ saying he ‘could not seriously have thought that a drink in the nature of a peach martini would only contain one standard nip of alcohol,’ it said. ‘The evidence tends to suggest that he had significantly more than five drinks, in which case ‘free pouring’ loses whatever capacity it had to exonerate him,’ it said.”

Via Althouse: “A Qantas flight attendant who got blind drunk on peach martinis in a New York bar during a layover has lost his appeal to win his job back.”


One of them still lives in Madison. I see him occasionally and have always tried to avoid crossing his path or making eye contact. In my mind, my avoidance behavior was for his benefit. I didn’t want to subject him to unpleasant memories of encountering me in the school hallways. But recently, I’ve admitted to myself that I avoid him for my benefit. I’m a coward who doesn’t want to own up to what I did to him.So what should I do now? Should I approach him in person or on social media to apologize? Or would that just lead to an unpleasant scene and make both of us feel even worse?

Via Dear Tell All: I harassed a gay classmate @ Isthmus | Madison, Wisconsin

Lincoln Hills

Gov. Scott Walker has claimed he only recently learned about the problems at Lincoln Hills, but there is a mountain of evidence suggesting otherwise. Back in February 2012, Walker received a letter from Racine County Circuit Judge Richard Kreul about Lincoln Hills, as the Journal Sentinel has reported. The letter included a copy of a memo detailing the beating and sexual assault of a boy and the failure of Lincoln Hills staff to notify law enforcement and child protective services. “The indifference in this sordid tale is absolutely inexcusable,” Kreul wrote.

Via Beyond negligence @ Isthmus.

They Knew

After weeks of the governor insisting none of this was shared with him, the Journal Sentinel did a public records request asking the Walker administration for documents related to Lincoln Hills. The documents showed Walker’s office “was told multiple times over the past year about problems… including claims of violence against youths and staff, inadequate classroom time, and the need to improve sexual assault safeguards,” the newspaper reported. “On July 28, Kevin McCarthy, a retired corrections employee living near the Irma prison, wrote the governor’s office that he was concerned about the safety of his daughter and friends, who still work at the facility. ‘You have staff who are being assaulted, youth who are being assaulted, doors being broken, windows broken… does the sheriff’s department or state police need to get involved when the staff at Lincoln Hills’” lose control of the institution? McCarthy wrote.

Via Murphy’s Law: Why Walker Allowed Lincoln Hills Abuses @ Urban Milwaukee

State Officials Hid Truth from Child Victim’s Mother

Madison— When a Racine County youth was sexually assaulted and beaten in a Northwoods prison in 2012, state officials told his mother that something had happened but didn’t share with her the full and troubling picture.

The woman was contacted the next day and in the following days county officials were contacted as well, with officials at the Lincoln Hills School for Boys telling the county that the youth had been moved into a security unit, county records show. Inmates are typically sent there for acting out at the state-run prison 30 miles north of Wausau.

What the mother was not told is that on Jan. 13, 2012, another inmate had forced her son to perform a sex act and then struck him.

The woman instead waited more than two weeks to learn the ugly extent of the incident, in which her son waited for hours to be taken to a hospital and for which the aggressor was eventually convicted. It took repeated questioning from Racine County officials to bring the crime to light….

This case is the second shared with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in which a parent of a Lincoln Hills inmate learned of an attack against their son from someone else and not from the state officials charged with keeping him safe. Milwaukee County officials also learned from a tipster about youths from their county having their arms or wrists broken in November 2014….

Via Mother left in dark about son’s sexual assault, beating at Lincoln Hills @ JSOnline.

Gettin’ out while the coast is still clear

Madison— State Corrections Secretary Ed Wall has resigned from his post amid a growing scandal over conditions at a troubled Northwoods prison for youth, and the FBI has taken over the sprawling criminal probe into alleged abuses there.

While Wall will leave his post next month, taxpayers may have to pay him for a year while he is not working. He plans to return to a job he had with an agency involved in the probe of Lincoln Hills School for Boys, and if he does he will be put on paid leave to protect the integrity of the probe, a state Department of Justice spokeswoman said.

Word about Wall’s plans came Friday as U.S. Attorney John Vaudreuil said federal authorities are leading the investigation, which is focusing on possible civil rights violations by staff at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake School for Girls, which share a campus 30 miles north of Wausau….

Via Corrections secretary resigns amid Lincoln Hills probe @ JSOnline.

Repeated Claims of Fraud 

A Menomonee Falls architecture and construction firm has agreed to pay $3 million to settle civil and criminal charges that it defrauded the federal government’s “Buy American” rules for contractors.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Novum Structures repackaged steel and other construction materials from foreign countries to appear as if it were sourced in the United States. The firm used the materials on government projects around the country, like a courthouse in Illinois, a transit center in Miami and street car expansion in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina….

A year ago, a former executive at Novum was charged in state court with embezzling more than $168,000 from the company, money prosecutors said he used to buy a horse and airplane. That case is set for trial in April.

A spokesman for the company said that case had no connection to the federal claims.

Via Falls firm to pay $3 million for violating ‘Buy American’ rules @ JSOnline.

Sex assault survivor files federal complaint against UW-Whitewater

Second federal complaint against UW-Whitewater in eighteen months:

Raechel Liska, aged 22.  Photo from Channel 3000.

“I got assaulted twice,” Liska said. “Once by my attacker, which was the traumatic, horrific part, but again by the school, which was the betrayal.”

Liska said UWW Dean of Students Mary Beth Mackin violated her civil rights by refusing to interview two witnesses and by not accepting either the police report or her medical records stemming from the incident. She also asserts Mackin did not issue a no-contact order against her alleged attacker, even as he retaliated and intimidated her after she spoke to authorities. Further, it was the Army that stepped in and removed her assailant from her classes three months after the incident in question, even after she’d asked the university to do the same multiple times, only to be rebuffed.

“The reason I filed my complaint is because something here needs to change,” she said. “I thought the dean of students would be protecting the students, protecting me. She’s the dean of students. I thought I’d be her priority, but I walked out feeling like protecting the school was her top priority.”

Via Sex assault survivor claims discrimination by university @ Channel 3000.

Lawyer Accused of Sexual Assault at Country Club Drafted Club’s Settlement Agreement 


According to a probable cause statement written by Mequon police, the woman told police that she drove up to Hale and his two golfing partners to see if anyone needed a beverage. 
Hale told the others to play ahead, she said, and asked the woman for a hug. She told police she agreed to the hug, which she termed a normal request by Hale.

But this time, she said, Hale slid his hands to her buttocks, underneath her shorts, and grabbed her breasts over her clothing, before putting his hand inside the front of her shorts and touching her genitals.

Via Lawyer accused of molesting cart attendant crafted club’s settlement offer @ JSOnline.

MKE attorney behaving badly

The court said accepted a referee’s finding that D’Arruda, 47, had engaged in more than 40 instances of professional misconduct, primarily accepting advance fees in cases in which he later did little or no work, including several cases he took when he knew his license was about to be temporarily suspended in 2014.

According to the court’s decision, D’Arruda never responded to the Officer of Lawyer Regulation complaints against him, and was therefore found in default. In addition to the three-year suspension, D’Arrude [sic] was ordered to pay $6,500 restitution to some clients, and more than $2,300 in costs.

Via Milwaukee defense attorney suspended for 3 years @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.

Lying all along

Are we finally done with the whole “Put Pete Rose in the Baseball Hall of Fame” thing now?  Ever since Rose voluntarily accepted a lifetime ban from baseball by Commissioner Bart Giamatti we have heard ad nauseum from Rose apologists who say he should be inducted because the Hall is only about what a person…

Escape to Wisconsin?

No reporter has been able to make contact with former GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert since revelations came out this week that he has been paying money to a former male student to cover up sexual misconduct.  There are now news reports that Hastert may be in Wisconsin. Via Dennis Hastert May Be Hiding Out…

Deputy resigns

Thirty-four-year-old Zachary Dorr resigned his position Thursday when a judge set bond for him at $100,000 cash on three felony charges, including sexual assault of a child. A criminal complaint says a co-worker saw Dorr kissing the girl and giving her beer at a wedding reception last weekend at a Wausau-area hotel. The complaint accuses…

At least no one’s starving

Janet Piraino — former state director for U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, a Madison Democrat — will replace Doug Hill, who was demoted as Baldwin’s director of state operations in March. Baldwin, a Wisconsin Democrat, bumped Hill from that $131,000-a-year post after a report commission by Baldwin was critical of her staff’s handling of complaints about…

The Road to Quackery

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon and vice chairman of the surgery department at Columbia University’s medical school.  Most people know him, sadly, as a huckster and promoter of quack remedies.  Other prominent physicians across America, at leading institutions, have had enough of the embarrassment that Oz’s sales pitches are to medicine…. Via The…