Paul Ryan

Taxpayer Expense

According to this celebratory article, tender readers are led to believe various levels of government pitched a combined total of $9 million of the $100+ million projected price tag when in truth, private funding totals only $11.5 million of the $50 million raised so far leaving public sources i.e., federal, state and local taxpayers, pledging the difference of roughly 77% (give or take a few points) of the venture capital raised at this juncture.

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Here’s the thing… Ryan will be a fine Speaker. And he is certainly the most conservative Speaker in my lifetime. But it’s a thankless job, and as someone who hoped that Ryan would one day ascend to higher office, being the Speaker make that much less likely.

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Same Old

Here’s one of those “why bother” articles from Rep. Paul Ryan’s “hometown” newspaper, the Janesville Gazette, on tackling the seemingly fictitious question, “what’s in it for us (district) if Ryan became the House Speaker?”

For one, the question itself posed at this juncture in Paul Ryan’s political career begs a special sort of low-info voter curiosity about his record versus traditionally held expectations from those in Congress. So if you’re familiar at all with Congressman Ryan, the answer is an easy “nothing.” To put it another way, whatever your perception is of Ryan’s contributions to the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin, nothing will change if he becomes House Speaker. Things will stay the same as before.

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Predicting ‘No’

After spectator blogging about Congressman Ryan for the past decade, my first instinct tells me that although he is a career opportunist of the first kind, he knows that history shows the House Speaker position (even under more amicable circumstances) would probably be the end of the line for his carefully laid personal ambitions in government – and that’s really all that matters to Ryan. Let’s just say he’s got bigger priorities.

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Janesville paper’s trolling for Ryan

Paul Ryan’s loyal media tool, the Janesville Gazette, did what they do best when they recently published a one-sided rambling article with a bewildering troll-like title, “Janesville is his oxygen. Ryan and city go hand in hand” as one in a series of Gazette stories about people, events or things that helped insert Janesville into the national consciousness.

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“I am where I am. I like where I am,” Ryan said in an interview Monday. “I feel like I can have a huge impact on the course of the debate in this country.” Via Republican Paul Ryan won’t run for president in 2016 @ JS All Politics Blog.