Presidential race 2020

WI Youth Vote

The 2020 Election Youth Electoral Significance Index, produced by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement at Tufts University in Massachusetts, predicts that voters ages 18 to 29 will have more influence on the presidential race in Wisconsin than in any other state. That’s due in part to a strong record of youth participation in the past, and…

Marquette Law Poll gets WI wrong

The last presidential election in Wisconsin the conservative / moderate / liberal split was 34/40/25. The latest Marquette Poll 39/34/21. At the most basic level, a poll sample is supposed to mirror to the population it seeks to measure. This does not do that. pic.twitter.com/JsM5BexwCo — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) February 27, 2020