Public Health

False Equivalence

This #BothSides commentary is trash. @GovEvers had the "Badger Bounce Back" in place. The #wisgop has made clear they have no interest in any new plan : Do your jobs, Gov. Evers and GOP lawmakers, so COVID-19 doesn't surge https://t.co/HBk1qBM1KX via @WiStateJournal #wipolitics — Mason T. Becker (@MasonTBecker) May 18, 2020 .      …

More cases but no GOP plan

ICYMI Protestors spread COVID19 in Wisconsin & other states. Republican lawmakers still have no plan to save lives Less plans = more caseshttps://t.co/zY1rZXVzfA #Wisconsin #wipolitics #wisdems #wisgop #wiunion #wiright #SCOWIS @SenFitzgerald @RepVos @RepDittrich @GovEvers — Coffee Bean (@CoffeeBean26) May 18, 2020 .            

No Plan

And some folks thought this was a great time to 'reopen' without a plan.#Wisconsin #wipolitics #wisdems #wisgop #wiunion #wiright @SenFitzgerald @RepVos @GovEvers @RepDittrich @RepBallweg https://t.co/C4bYzcoOSI — Coffee Bean (@CoffeeBean26) May 14, 2020          


Wisconsin @GovEvers tells reporters that Republican lawmakers convinced four members of the Supreme Court to throw the state into chaos, adding, "We were in a good place. We're no longer…" — Mary Spicuzza (@MSpicuzzaMJS) May 14, 2020          

Friends on Each Side of the Issue

The amicus curiae briefs filed in this case tell the ugly tale. For @wisgop legislators:@TavernLeagueWIS, @AFPWI & @WisconsinMC For DHS Secretary Palm:@WIPublicHealth, @wisconsinnurses, @WIAAP, 17 Legal Scholars & 24 WI Community, Advocacy, Labor & Membership Organizations… https://t.co/iX0VJS6Kac — Jules (@synathroesmus) May 14, 2020                    

Super Spreaders Set Loose

Things like bars, movie theaters, concerts… you name it…– all the "super spreaders" you can imagine are open right now in Wisconsin. And the result is inevitable– in a couple of weeks we'll be worse off than we were a month ago. https://t.co/7KwHWSwwWj — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) May 14, 2020          …