It's the third time Wauwatosa police have attacked the character of a Black man in government for supporting #BLM and ignoring its own serious problems with Tosa's communities of color. https://t.co/b07eyUAykp pic.twitter.com/2PUepyI1LN — Wisconsin Examiner (@WIExaminer) September 17, 2020                          

Union Opposition

Wauwatosa police union calls for a committee created to address policing and 'systemic inequities' to be disbanded https://t.co/jXkpTklQCb via @ecaseymedia — Mary Spicuzza (@MSpicuzzaMJS) September 15, 2020              

ACLU Blasts Bigoted Letter in Tosa

This grotesque letter is another reminder that white supremacy is present throughout society. For us to build a racially just society, we must fight racism in law enforcement, in our neighborhoods, and everywhere else it exists. https://t.co/mE4qtfXLfs — ACLU of Wisconsin (@ACLUofWisconsin) September 3, 2020              

Small Town Wisconsin And Racism

So I was very disappointed a person who grew up in my town posted a long racist screed on Facebook which decried black colleges, and black business associations, and grinding on about how white people have “LOST most of OUR RIGHTS in this country”.  I read it and left it alone for most of the…

Racial Disparity

Biggest part of it is the massive disparity in both the construction and enforcement of laws. One example: Whites use marijuana at a slightly higher rate than Blacks, yet Blacks are arrested for possession SIX times more than whites. pic.twitter.com/mhkobIMKqT — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) June 4, 2020


The hashtag #TheRealUW began trending shortly after reports surfaced that a freshman was pushed and spat on by a neighbor in Sellery Hall in the early morning hours of March 12. The alleged attacker shouted profanities and made racially motivated comments, calling the student poor, telling her she “didn’t deserve to be at [UW-Madison]” and that “she wasn’t pulling her own weight because she was on scholarship,” according to a blog post by Nora Herzog, who was present for the incident. Both Herzog and the victim are members of First Wave, a hip-hop scholarship program.

Via Inside #TheRealUW @ Isthmus.

Worst States for Black Americans

Wisconsin is the worst state in the country for black Americans. The median annual income of black households in the state is just $26,053, much lower than the median for black families nationwide and equal to just 46.5% the median income of white Wisconsin households of $56,083. Similarly, while 29.9% of white adults in Wisconsin have at least a bachelor’s degree, 12.8% of black adults in the state have completed college. This is also much lower than the bachelor degree attainment rate among black adults nationwide of 19.7%. Of all the racial disparities found in Wisconsin, the unemployment gap between black and white state residents is perhaps the most troubling. With a white jobless rate of 4.4%, the state’s job market is relatively strong for the white population. For black Wisconsin residents, however, the unemployment rate is more than five times higher times higher, at 20.8% — the highest among black populations in every other state.

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“John McWhorter writes, in a WSJ piece, “Closed Minds on Campus”: The idea that only the naive or the immoral would question issues connected to something as broad and protean as race and racism is hasty at best and anti-intellectual at worst. What qualifies as discrimination? As cultural appropriation? As aggression? What is an ethnicity?…