Copenhagen’s big, and Whitewater is small, but we have this advantage that [famous Danish] Chef Redzepi can only match at great expense and effort: we are even now surrounded by fresh, local produce of fine quality and variety. He can – and surely will – find the delicious ingredients he needs for his new establishment.

We, too, have delicious produce, suitable for fine meals, and it’s within our reach even now. Table after table, basket after basket, all around us. Fields, gardens, pastures, greenhouses: we’re brimming with what so many wish they could enjoy.

Via Whitewater’s Advantage Over Copenhagen, Home to One of the Finest Restaurants on Earth @ FREE WHITEWATER.

Film: From Dishwasher to Award-Winning Restaurateur

Hugo Ortega crossed over the Mexican border and arrived in Houston, Texas, without documents and without knowing any English. Over the next few years, he would become a citizen through President Reagan’s amnesty program and go from washing dishes to owning multiple restaurants. Now, he and his wife, Tracy Vaught—whom he met while working as a dishwasher in her restaurant in the 80’s—are the “reigning powerhouse couple of Houston’s competitive restaurant scene.”

In this documentary produced by Katherine Wells for The Atlantic‘s American Dreams series, Ortega reflects on his journey within the industry. “I have a great responsibility to represent the Mexican cuisine in a proper way,” he says. “It’s a magnificent cuisine.”


How much aerosol does one shop need?

So it strikes me as odd that so many seem to praise and encourage the use of aerosol paint being used over and over again for the sake of–lets be honest–forgettable art that is not destined to last but just a sight until the next spray cans are bought for another–well, (lets be honest again) forgettable…

A Madison restaurant’s deterioration

What was most unfortunate, and why we will never return, was when the food was brought to our table it tasted tonight like the same industrialized version of Mexican food that can be found anywhere else.  The special way of preparing it was gone.   It tasted like fast food but not at the fast food…