Scott Walker

Why not lead by example?

I think it would be a great example of leadership if Scott Walker signed a legally binding document to refuse his upcoming $8k/month taxpayer-funded pension. Maybe Foxconn will pay it. https://t.co/HM962E8UG7 — Bluepool (Voting for Biden) (@BadgerStew) April 30, 2020 .            

Bad Habit

Wisconsin media just can't quit Walker. https://t.co/uqvKyMGIlk — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) April 27, 2020          

Wait, Walker has a podcast?

Is @ScottWalker also calling for the Smithsonian to give back millions in stimulus $? (Trump appointed you to Smithsonian board, which, like the Kennedy Center, is also a government institution that depends paying-customers for their budget–and was hit hard by virus. https://t.co/WpP0ikTBjM — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) April 8, 2020 .        

Weren’t as good  

I told you to look out for the new Wisconsin jobs report today, coming on the heels of the bad performance in the “gold standard” Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages(QCEW) which I discussed in this post.

That’s because the January report would feature revisions based on that QCEW report. And sure enough, that Wisconsin jobs report came out today with sizable downgrades in job growth.

Revisions from previously-reported Dec 2018 Wis jobs figures 
All jobs -17,100
Private sector jobs -13,400
Manufacturing -12,900

Via Jake’s Wisconsin Funhouse: As predicted, Walker job growth and total people working weren’t as good as the year said

Subsidized Scott

[Updated from 3/2/19] If you follow the life and times of Scott Walker on Twitter, you will find attacks on socialism aimed at Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others.

You will also see all the socialism Walker regularly touts and enjoys, from travels from his downtown Milwaukee digs enriched by government-funded TIF districts, parks and protective services, to travels on 100% publicly-financed roads to airports where public employees from sheriff deputies to TSA agents to air traffic controllers move Walker and the government-certified airplanes he boards from one vacation spot and speaking gig to another.

Then back to Milwaukee, where Walker takes in Bucks games close to the city-created RiverWalk near the heavily-subsidized new basketball arena and city-supported entertainment district.

Via Scott Walker likes socialism when it doles benefits his way @ The Political Environment.

Feeble Attraction

When AOC made some perfectly reasonable comments about fairer taxation, Walker countered with a silly straw man argument, by yelling “Socialism!” and then conflating the S-word with totalitarian communism.

“[T]he socialist empire of the Soviet Union fell because it didn’t work,” Walker tweeted. “Just as it doesn’t work in countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua or North Korea.”

Using this silly logic, anyone—including Walker himself—who has ever supported the basic idea of taxes to fund a government is a Karl Marx-spooning totalitarian communist.

Since this dust-up, Walker has tweeted at or mentioned AOC nineteen additional times with equally dumb lines of troll attacks.

Via Hilarious. Walker is being widely panned for his constant (and really dumb) trolling of @AOC. Clearly her ignoring of the previous NINETEEN troll tweets is causing him to go into stalker mode this weekend @ The Progressive.