Scott Walker


Scott Walker: He'll Save America Like He Saved His Hairline. — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) March 29, 2021

Scott Walker

Quick Look Back

Just a reminder that when Scott Walker was Governor, DNR scientists were not allowed to use the term ‘climate change’…

Scott Walker

Bad Sources

The guy who sold us Foxconn should not be offering budget advice. — Forward (@WI_Resistance) February 17, 2021

Scott Walker


"I never said anything bad about teachers or public sector workers." — Scott Walker, today — Bluepool (@BadgerStew) February 11,…

Scott Walker

Bad Medicine

The only way Scott Walker "saved Wisconsin" is if he was using Dr. Leo Marvin's "Death Therapy." The numbers don't…



The lesson learned in the last recession is that if you don't bail out the states, morons like Scott Walker…



Under GOP control, WI lagged the nation in nearly every economic metric… Weak job growth, massive budget shortfalls, record debt…

Mike Pence


scoop: Former Wisconsin governor @ScottWalker is working closely with @Mike_Pence on debate prep and serving as the foil/Harris stand-in during…

Scott Walker

Bad Habit

Wisconsin media just can't quit Walker. — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) April 27, 2020