Moore v. Clarke

“The country is just now getting to know Sheriff Clarke, but I’m all too familiar with his inflammatory antics,” Moore writes “His proclivity for provocation coupled with his distorted view of black America has grown more extreme over the years, earning him numerous appearances on Fox News. He has helped the network spread a slew…


this is a backdoor budget cut where Walker didn’t have the guts to play it straight, and now the Joint Finance Committee has to come up with nearly $3.7 million tomorrow to cover this gap, or else Wisconsin’s public broadcasting and emergency communications are slated to take a legitimate hit. Via Another budget gap to…

American Idol, Aged 15

That’s quite a run. Weirdly, I have watched every year. It’s hard to say why. Partly, because it goes away for a pretty long time before it restarts, like an old friend, who’s annoying, but is out of town most of the year. Via “American Idol” is cancelled @ Althouse.

It’s the critics who are dopes

Jeez, they’re swarming this poor man. A giant dope? Isn’t that insult dopey? I read the article, and it seems that Noah’s problem is he needs better joke-writers. I’d say: He’s getting “The Daily Show”‘s joke-writers, so the question is only how he looks, how he delivers the jokes, and how he manages the interviews.…