Lost time

It was all crushingly dull. The pundits really don’t seem to have anything more to say. The closest I came…


Soup, yes, soup

I can not fathom that during the 10:00 P.M. broadcast WKOW-TV in Madison used actual news time to air a…



Via So a Lobbyist and an ALEC Legislator Walk into a Bar…Caught on Tape by NBC @ PR Watch.


Moore v. Clarke

“The country is just now getting to know Sheriff Clarke, but I’m all too familiar with his inflammatory antics,” Moore…


Less than Zero

Via Fox News Viewers Factually Worse-Informed Than People Who Don’t Follow News At All @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Government Spending


this is a backdoor budget cut where Walker didn’t have the guts to play it straight, and now the Joint…


American Idol, Aged 15

That’s quite a run. Weirdly, I have watched every year. It’s hard to say why. Partly, because it goes away…

Gov. Walker

Chachi Loves Scott

Gov. Walker sounds a lot like President Reagan. #WalkerForPres; pic.twitter.com/orvn8v9EkM — Scott Baio (@ScottBaio) March 11, 2015


Can’t tell just one

Confronted with the facts, Williams recanted and apologized, chalking up his repeated error to the “fog of memory” after 12…