The road-builders’ dreams

Driven by an administration that is in thrall to the road-building lobby while starving transit, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation gins up color-coded, buzzword-laden data and despair about what it calls increasing major highway congestion – – motorists’ inability to enjoy “free flowing” fantasy-land traffic conditions in or near Milwaukee and Madison which, to be honest, larger cities would kill for.

Via The Political Environment: Fresh WisDOT propaganda serves the road-builders.

Road Borrowing

“November 2, 2015 For immediate release:Unfunded Road Construction ….There is no plan in place to pay the money back, so just like Washington D.C politicians, some in Madison think that putting this debt on future taxpayers is the route to go. Currently, the vast majority of road construction is paid through vehicle related fees and…


Road to Nowhere

“Anyone else sensing this transportation issue is really hampering the Republicans? How else do you explain Gov Walker and the rest of the GOP crew at the Capitol constantly trying to talk their way out of the mess they caused with their “split the baby” solution in the state budget, which had the remarkable double-whammy…


Madison — The state Department of Transportation is delaying five major road projects for at least two years because it doesn’t have the money for the work under the state budget crafted by Gov. Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans in the Legislature.

The delays could end up being much longer because legislators for years have been unable to come up with ways to find new revenue for highways.

Via DOT puts brakes on 5 major road project in budget crunch @ JSOnline.

Too Much and Too Little on Roads

“Looking into the details a little more, Wisconsin spends below the average for maintenance – $17,816 per mile as compared to a weighted average of $26,079 per mile. But Wisconsin spends 50% more than the weighted average on administrative costs per mile ($15,709 compared to $10,579) and 42% more for new roads and bridges ($122,272…


We’ve noted on this blog here, and here the degradation of local roads as Walker’s budgets starve municipalities of revenue, but yesterday on a warm, but by no means blistering spring day on the regional ‘freeway’ system north of Milwaukee built and maintained by the state, there were monster potholes damaging vehicles and shutting down traffic that were monsters….

Via With giant potholes, ‘freeway’ in Walker’s Wisconsin hardly free @ The Political Environment.

Bumpy road to nowhere

“Fix-it-First” has been the mantra from 1000 Friends of Wisconsin for years, with recent updates, though the powers-that-be ignored these sound arguments, in part because the road-builders and their elected patrons understand that there is more money to be made in pouring new concrete than patching with asphalt…. ” Via WI GOP legislators ignore reality,…


What was the purpose of the Transportation Finance and Policy Commission if not to use logic to arrive at a series of proposals to set our transportation funding policy? If there is no serious intent to use the guidance of such experts than why spend the money to study such matters in the first place?…


Madison’s airfares highest among top 100 US airports ICYMI: #Madison's airfares highest among top 100 US airports http://t.co/w19Nvifuba pic.twitter.com/KPGDGgsyDR — Wis. State Journal (@WiStateJournal) April 30, 2015


Wisconsin’s roads are the third-worst in the nation and the potholes and other problems that plague them cost drivers in some cities almost twice the national average in repairs and associated costs, according to a new study of the state’s highway system. The numbers mark a dramatic decline in road quality. As recently as 11…