Openly Racist

President Trump is assuredly not our first racist president. But he is the first in this modern era to have gone beyond dog whistles to demonstrate by word and deed that he embraces racism.– @oricardopimente https://t.co/O1TMvEt830 pic.twitter.com/RKOtNuR489 — Wisconsin Examiner (@WIExaminer) November 16, 2020              

Trump suffers from shortage of deplorables

Some wise words from @rconniff today: "Most likely there will not be enough [Trump fans] to make the “red wave” Trump talks about. Unless, through the courts, Republicans manage to hijack the election, which is definitely possible."https://t.co/rqElTk2Vlv pic.twitter.com/ku7PMkA9IK — Wisconsin Examiner (@WIExaminer) October 28, 2020              

Highlight’s from The Verge’s Foxconn Report

In the end, the Foxconn debacle in Wisconsin is the physical manifestation of the alternate reality that has defined the Trump administration. Read @joshdzieza’s full story here: https://t.co/kIemaESwdw pic.twitter.com/HFc0N0YLXf — The Verge (@verge) October 19, 2020                              

Trump’s Troll Army

Facebook bans Rally Forge, marketing firm working on behalf of Turning Point USA affiliate – The Washington Post #PaidTrumpTrolls https://t.co/PRCGBcvZx7 pic.twitter.com/rTf3cA5qt6 — John Adams (@DailyAdams) October 8, 2020                      

Trump Spox Blamecasts

Trump campaign reaching out to mothers and suburban women everywhere by blaming the victim.? https://t.co/gVlGztSo3E — Cheesehead Lucy (@cheeseheadlucy) October 8, 2020