righhhhhhht…. and you're also two inches taller than Obama and were good enough to go pro in baseball. https://t.co/BmVaMhJ5Gh — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) May 7, 2020      

‘Reopen Wisconsin’ was nothing but a Trump rally

This wasn’t a protest. It was a Trump rally. The gun nuts, militias, anti-vaxxers, racists, and deplorables gathered to revel in their faux-victimhood. If they really wanted to hasten the end of this, they would have stayed home like the rest of us. https://t.co/0wggDS3yAL — Forward (@WI_Resistance) April 24, 2020        


Good morning Wisconsin. While we watched our election results last night, Trump declared himself a king.#Wisconsin #wisgop #wiunion #wiright #wivote #wisdems #wipolitics https://t.co/s5cnInkHIo — Coffee Bean (@CoffeeBean26) April 14, 2020          

Unearthed Interview

Unearthed Feb 13 radio interview: Trump on Coronavirus, says China "handled it very professionally" and "April date is very important…because that's when it gets warm and this virus reacts very poorly to heat and dies" https://t.co/Oxt3kjqxfN — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) April 3, 2020      

But he said he was worth TEN BILLION DOLLARS

But wait… The Trumps are supposed to be soooo rich. Surely they can still pay their bills with ease, right?!??Trump Org asks Deutsche Bank to delay loan payments as coronavirus shutters their properties | Raw Story https://t.co/spa7ZCFzXb via rawstory — Bluepool (Voting for the Dem) (@BadgerStew) April 2, 2020