Feeble Attraction

When AOC made some perfectly reasonable comments about fairer taxation, Walker countered with a silly straw man argument, by yelling “Socialism!” and then conflating the S-word with totalitarian communism.

“[T]he socialist empire of the Soviet Union fell because it didn’t work,” Walker tweeted. “Just as it doesn’t work in countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua or North Korea.”

Using this silly logic, anyone—including Walker himself—who has ever supported the basic idea of taxes to fund a government is a Karl Marx-spooning totalitarian communist.

Since this dust-up, Walker has tweeted at or mentioned AOC nineteen additional times with equally dumb lines of troll attacks.

Via Hilarious. Walker is being widely panned for his constant (and really dumb) trolling of @AOC. Clearly her ignoring of the previous NINETEEN troll tweets is causing him to go into stalker mode this weekend @ The Progressive.

Cheerleading not in the job description

“It’s not a professor’s job to be a cheerleader for their institution, argues a blog post on the magazine website of the American Association of University Professors. ‘First, the assertion that academic freedom “requires responsible behavior” is wrong,’ says “The Academe Blog” post about the controversy swelling around University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Sara Goldrick-Rab and…


“An outspoken University of Wisconsin-Madison professor is under fire for finding future Badgers on Twitter and allegedly harassing them — as well as for comparing Scott Walker to Adolf Hitler. Sara Goldrick-Rab is a professor of educational policy studies and sociology with a national profile in both her field of research and the ongoing debate…

Overheard on Twitter

Did Ovary’s campaign REALLY set a $2.5 BILLION goal just for her own #POTUS run? Yet SHE claims there’s too much $ in politics? Sheesh #tcot — Deanna Alexander (@DAinWIS) April 15, 2015 Via Conservative County Supervisor Deanna Alexander keeps it classy! @ Blogging Blue.

Big on Twitter

As you might expect, some conservatives on Twitter are rallying to his defense. They’d rather stick it to the media than find a way to overcome them. They believe that Walker’s answer somehow heroically demonstrated the absurdity of the media. They seem more interested in a candidate who wants to win the argument than one…