It's the third time Wauwatosa police have attacked the character of a Black man in government for supporting #BLM and ignoring its own serious problems with Tosa's communities of color. https://t.co/b07eyUAykp pic.twitter.com/2PUepyI1LN — Wisconsin Examiner (@WIExaminer) September 17, 2020                          

Union Opposition

Wauwatosa police union calls for a committee created to address policing and 'systemic inequities' to be disbanded https://t.co/jXkpTklQCb via @ecaseymedia — Mary Spicuzza (@MSpicuzzaMJS) September 15, 2020              

ACLU Blasts Bigoted Letter in Tosa

This grotesque letter is another reminder that white supremacy is present throughout society. For us to build a racially just society, we must fight racism in law enforcement, in our neighborhoods, and everywhere else it exists. https://t.co/mE4qtfXLfs — ACLU of Wisconsin (@ACLUofWisconsin) September 3, 2020              

Tosa PD escalates tactics against protesters

Despite escalating tactics to restrain protesters, the suburban City of Wauwatosa has become the epicenter of Milwaukee’s Black Lives Matter movement. Following a confrontation with protesters at the home of Officer Joseph Mensah, the Wauwatosa Police Department (WPD) pledged to take the gloves off. The threats of arrest and surveillance, however, haven’t deterred The People’s…