Snowpocalypse Not

Milwaukee saw less than 2 inches of snow fall in a storm that prompted campus closings and a winter weather advisory that began at 7 p.m. on Friday and lasted until 6 a.m. Sunday.

Sewage surges into Wisconsin waters

In 2018, the agency overseeing Milwaukee’s system, which serves 1.1 million people and 28 communities, saw six combined sewer overflows, the most events since 1999. Those overflows sent 1.2 billion gallons of stormwater and untreated sewage into rivers, canals and a stream that drain into Lake Michigan.

Climate Change Drives New Species Into Wisconsin

   One newcomer is the evening bat, the state’s first new bat species in more than 60 years, according to the DNR. Evening bats are “an interesting sort of orange-colored, and some say sort of orange-peel-smelling” creature, said Owen Boyle, a DNR conservationist. Climate change is opening Wisconsin up to new species like the evening bat,…

Evers Announces Plan to Join U.S. Climate Alliance

“It’s a new day in Wisconsin and it’s time to lead our state in a new direction where we embrace science, where we discuss the very real implications of climate change, where we work to find solutions, and where we invest in renewable energy,” said Gov. Evers. “By joining the U.S. Climate Alliance, we will have support in demonstrating that we can take climate action while growing our economy at the same time.”

Via Evers Announces Plan to Join U.S. Climate Alliance @ Green Bay Progressive.

Giant flying boulders?

A WaPo headline. Excerpt:

The idea is that Earth’s climate went through a warming period just over 100,000 years ago that was similar in many ways to the warming now attributed to the actions of man. And the changes during that period were so catastrophic, they spawned massively powerful superstorms, causing violent ocean waves that simply lifted the boulders from below and deposited them atop this cliff.

If this is true, the effort kicking off in Paris this week to hold the world’s nations to strict climate targets may be even more urgent than most people realize….

Via “Another danger of climate change: Giant flying boulders?” @ Althouse.

It wasn’t the weather…

Walker was supposed to speak at the Michigan Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island before 2,000 GOP activists. Walker had cancelled this trip earlier in the week, as part of his plan to downsize his campaign’s ambitions to focus on Iowa and South Carolina, but had rebooked when offered to speak on Saturday.

Then the Walker campaign cancelled again. His campaign cited a charter company saying it couldn’t fly into the island due to weather. It was drizzling; people were doubting. Every other scheduled candidate had successfully made the trek.

Via The emergency meeting that led Walker to quit @ POLITICO.

Progressive papal persuasion

I’m encouraged by Pope Francis’ decision to share his thoughts on global climate change, because his words and deeds have weight – as evidenced by the important role he played in the historic change in relations between the United States and Cuba – so perhaps his efforts to influence the dialogue on global climate change…

We Energies stumbles as 35,000 still without power

[The spokesman doesn’t even use standard English? – ed.] More than 35,000 people in southeast Wisconsin remained without power early Tuesday after a heavy band of thunderstorms rolled through the region Monday night. “At our peak, we had about 115,000 customers affected by this storm and that’s roughly one-tenth of our total customer base,” Rick…

Life in Atlanta’s Ice Storm

He said the school had enough sandwiches to feed the girls but not the boys, and a fight broke out between students at one point,” at North Atlanta High School, in yesterday’s ice storm…. Via “Freshman Nicholas Wright said students felt trapped, bored, hungry and thirsty as they waited for someone to bring them home” @…