“Never call him ‘Senator Feingold'”

“I can share with you Russ’ campaign (and) what they’ve told us so far,” Laning said in the videotaped segment, first reported by the The Washington Free Beacon.

“Never call him ‘Senator Feingold.’ We are to call him ‘Russ,'” she said. “They want us to say ‘Russ’ because the last campaign — it was all about ’16 years, 16 years, 16 years, he’s there too long.’ And so they want to say, ‘He’s just one of us.’

We want to go back to Russ being Russ.”

Via Democratic Party chair says it’s ‘Russ,’ not Senator Feingold @ JS No Quarter Blog

And Fifteen Republicans…

“Six Democrats in the Wisconsin state Senate voted late Wednesday to give millions in taxpayer dollars to a couple of billionaires. After they cast their votes in favor of SB 209, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin issued a statement praising the corporate giveaway to a powerful Milwaukee special interest….”

Via Wis. Dems Support Massive Corporate Giveaway to Billionaires @ Media Trackers.

Insiders of the Out-Party

Under outgoing, current Chair Mike Tate, the DPW went from supporting, at least to some extent, all its candidates for legislative office in Wisconsin, to hitting up all its legislative candidates for cash for the DPW itself. They spoke of a 72 county plan but instead they concentrated on the heavily populated counties of Dane…

He’ll make a deal

Former state Rep. Jeff Smith of Eau Claire sent out a letter to Democratic delegates saying he would seek to hire one of his opponents, Martha Laning, as his top staffer if he wins on Saturday. Five candidates are vying to run the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “So I’m pleased to tell all of you…