Tuesday, 10.27.20: Superbad

On Tuesday at 8 CT, we’re hosting a live screening of the movie Superbad with cast members providing commentary and jokes. Chip in any amount to join our #SuperbadWatchParty! https://t.co/ctSCUmFxZ5 — Ben Wikler (@benwikler) October 26, 2020                      

WisDems Seek a Timely Vote Count

Today, along with 22 of my colleagues in the legislature, I sent a letter to GOP leadership, asking that we convene and immediately take up legislation that would allow local election clerks to begin processing absentee ballots the Monday before election day. pic.twitter.com/fBFoyH0fr0 — Senator Chris Larson (@SenChrisLarson) October 13, 2020        …


Winning the 2020 Democratic National Convention is a coup for Milwaukee, Mayor Tom Barrett and a host of allies.
And for a downtown river revival rooted in former Mayor John Norquist’s New Urbanism which correctly predicted that people wanted to live and work near water and to get where they needed to go on a bike, by rail, or on their own two feet.

Via The Political Environment: Democrats’ 2020 convention will make Milwaukee glow.

Word on the Street

The new Democratic governor, Tony Evers, has put together a two-year budget proposal that virtually every newspaper article declares DOA (dead on arrival) because of opposition in the Republican controlled legislature.  There is even talk that the GOP will try to supplant his budget by amending the old one.

That’s not the word you hear on the street. What may have been true for eight years under GOP’s departed governor Scott Walker is undergoing the crashing sounds of change.  Many in both parties now realize that Evers is not the extreme partisan the GOP tried to paint (in fact, several Democrats don’t find him extreme enough). Several of his proposals have considerable majority clout behind them, given past actions from all sides of the electorate.



But now Walker seems to be gearing up to run for a third term. The “remember the times before I moved to Iowa” focus of his State of the State address and his invitation-only listening tour around the state make him look like a governor in rebuilding mode, not just somebody waiting out the clock.

Now, he could change his mind. Former Gov. Jim Doyle was getting ready to run again in 2010 until he saw the writing on the wall and decided to retire rather than be crushed. But, for the moment, Walker is the candidate….

Via Six Democrats who could challenge Walker in 2018 @ Isthmus.