Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce wants small biz handout

Amazing. Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce is asking Congress for access to taxpayer-funded "small business" grants. The lobbying group is insisting that it is struggling just after its dark money arm dropped nearly $1M on the WI Supreme Court race. https://t.co/68Tudv9Evm pic.twitter.com/GYqFkfIVu1 — Brendan Fischer (@brendan_fischer) May 6, 2020          

Wait, Walker has a podcast?

Is @ScottWalker also calling for the Smithsonian to give back millions in stimulus $? (Trump appointed you to Smithsonian board, which, like the Kennedy Center, is also a government institution that depends paying-customers for their budget–and was hit hard by virus. https://t.co/WpP0ikTBjM — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) April 8, 2020 .