James Sensenbrenner’s untrustworthy on the Voting Rights Act

Steve Benen, writing for MSNBC, is one of the writers who likes to pretend Sensenbrenner is a champion of voting rights, while noting this new ‘fix’ of the Voting Rights Act is a bill that Sensenbrenner acclaims “includes strong, nationwide anti-discrimination protections and continues to permit states to enact reasonable voter-ID laws. Therefore, it prevents racial-discrimination and gives states the ability to address voter fraud.”

That there is virtually no in-person voter fraud is, in the minds of Benen and Sensenbrenner, of no consequence.

As for Voter ID laws, what’s “reasonable” in¬†Sensenbrenner’s mind? Texas and Wisconsin’s restrictive Voter ID laws are….

Via Don’t Trust James Sensenbrenner on Voting Right Act @ MAL Contends…

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