James Sensenbrenner’s untrustworthy on the Voting Rights Act

Steve Benen, writing for MSNBC, is one of the writers who likes to pretend Sensenbrenner is a champion of voting rights, while noting this new ‘fix’ of the Voting Rights Act is a bill that Sensenbrenner acclaims “includes strong, nationwide anti-discrimination protections and continues to permit states to enact reasonable voter-ID laws. Therefore, it prevents racial-discrimination and gives states the ability to address voter fraud.”

That there is virtually no in-person voter fraud is, in the minds of Benen and Sensenbrenner, of no consequence.

As for Voter ID laws, what’s “reasonable” in Sensenbrenner’s mind? Texas and Wisconsin’s restrictive Voter ID laws are….

Via Don’t Trust James Sensenbrenner on Voting Right Act @ MAL Contends…