Koch-Connected Group Ridicules Libertarians

The Kochs are described by their fans as genuine libertarians, rather than partisan moneybags aimed at electing Republicans who will push a deregulatory, anti-tax agenda that benefits the Kochs’ industrial operations and augments their personal wealth. Yet, their funding network has long bankrolled organizations with anti-libertarian views that work to elect Republican candidates. This includes right-wing religious groups that oppose gay marriage and abortion rights, like Concerned Women for America, which has received at least $11.4 million from the Koch network since 2010, and Focus on the Family spinoff Citizen Link, which has received at least $10 million, including at least $885,000 this election cycle.

The AFF ads purportedly supporting the Libertarian Party candidate in Wisconsin don’t appear to help the libertarian cause. The actors are caricatures of stoners, giggling as they consider who might be on the "Mount Rushmore of weed."

Wisconsin’s Libertarian Party candidate, Robert Burke, says the ads are actually intended to drive voters away from libertarianism.

Via Koch-Tied Group Urges Stoners Not to Vote for Mary Burke @ PR Watch.