Milwaukee Community Journal Publishes Pastors’ Easter Greetings

Our one desire is to do God’s will and affect God’s peace and justice in our part of the vineyard. The following prayer sums up our great desire for all of God’s people:

Risen Jesus, we thank you for your greeting, “Peace be with you.” The shalom of God, deep lasting peace; peace that brings inner calm; that keeps a person steady in the storm; that faces the persecutor without fear and proclaims the good news with courage and joy.

This is the peace that reconciles sister to brother, black to white, rich and poor, young and old, but not a peace that is quiet in the face of oppression and injustice.

This is peace with God, the peace that passes all understanding.

It is our hope and prayer, that our loving, faithful God will continue to give you grace in abundance so that you too may be a force for justice and peace wherever you live.

One of several Via MIlwaukee Community Journal

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