Happy Easter 2018

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Palestinian Christian youth carry candles during Easter prayers at the Church of Saint Porphyrius in Gaza City on April 1, 2018.

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Says Five Minutes Is Too Expensive

The company’s CEO, Dan Ariens, claimed it would cost $1 million for his Ariens Company to continue allowing its Muslim employees to take five-minute prayer breaks. The centuries-old Islamic practice, followed by more than 1 billion people worldwide, was just too much for the lawn mower and snowmobile manufacturer to handle.

“It gets out of control,” Ariens said of the prayer breaks.

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Kim Davis & ‘Eye of the Tiger?

It’s putting it mildly to say this was kind of a strange event. 

If I just got out of jail and had to speak to a crowd of supporters, I would not have allowed “Eye of the Tiger” to be played as I took the stage. I wouldn’t have been comfortable with that. 

Turns out, Survivor wasn’t comfortable with the use of the song….

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“He sounds like one of us. He leans forward like one of us. He answers questions like one of us.”

For Reynolds [professor of philosophy and provost at Houston Baptist University], Walker speaks “in a biblical cadence” and uses “biblical expressions,” sending cues that others in a “biblically illiterate society” might not pick up on. Although of course no one is making early predictions, Reynolds said, “I could see Scott Walker pulling this off.” Via…

Not so clear anymore

St. Norbert College has apparently decided to go ahead with hosting prominent abortion-rights advocate Gloria Steinem, despite the recent disapproval of Bishop David Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay. The College’s current trajectory is both offensive to its bishop and reflects a deeper misconception about its own Catholic identity… Via Best LIttle Methodist College…


Speakers will include Eric J. Swanson, co-author of the 2010 book “Transform a City,” which explores the ways Christian churches can address social problems that plague urban areas. Via Christian symposium to address "city transformation" @ JS FaithWatch Blog.

Progressive papal persuasion

I’m encouraged by Pope Francis’ decision to share his thoughts on global climate change, because his words and deeds have weight – as evidenced by the important role he played in the historic change in relations between the United States and Cuba – so perhaps his efforts to influence the dialogue on global climate change…

Big Love

Via “Mormon leaders have acknowledged for the first time that… Joseph Smith… took as many as 40 wives, some already married and one only 14 years old.” @ Althouse.


As we continue to watch the actions of Pope Francis as he works to mold the Catholic Church into something more to the calling of Christ comes the news of a most important selection for archbishop of Chicago.  One can only hope that Francis lives to be very old and able to make many changes…

Religious belief threatened globally

Members of minority religious communities were disproportionately affected by violence, discrimination, and harassment. In many regions of the world, religious intolerance was linked to civil and economic strife and resulted in mass migration of members of religious minority communities throughout the year. Via Report: Religious freedom in peril in large part of the world @ FaithWatch…

Scalia on Religion

Some there are—many, perhaps—who are offended by public displays of religion. Religion, they believe, is a personal matter; if it must be given external manifestation, that should not occur in public places where others may be offended. I can understand that attitude: It parallels my own toward the playing in public of rock music or…

Millennials less committed to Bible

It may still be the best-selling tome of all time, but the Bible is increasingly generating indifference, and even antipathy, especially among Millennials, according to the fourth annual State of the Bible survey. Via Millennials driving trend away from Bible reverence @ JS FaithWatch Blog.

Presence Rather Than Partisan Answers

Years ago, during a controversy in Whitewater, someone told me a story about an official who, I learned, asked God’s help to relieve that official from a political burden.  The official delivered his request, apparently, in blunt, specific terms. I don’t know whether the official received an answer to his prayers, or whether he believed…