Miscreant cited for election egging incidents

Miscreant, vandal, jackass, etc.:

When officers arrived, the complainant, an 29-year-old off-duty Racine Police officer, told the responding officer that he had just confronted the perpetrator and had surveillance footage of him in the act.

He said his home had been getting egged every Sunday morning since Jan. 24 — the day he placed a Recall (Scott) Walker sign in his front lawn. He told the officer he placed a surveillance camera outside the home to catch the vandal in the act.

When the suspect’s car drove by his home the morning of May 13, egging it in the process, he told the officer that he followed the vehicle to a Douglas Avenue gas station and confronted the driver, later identified as Robert K. Baggott.

Reports indicate that at first Baggott denied egging the complainant’s property, but then he allegedly admitted to the vandalism after the complainant accused him of egging his residence because he had a Recall Walker sign.

Via Racine Journal Times.