Reince Ruins

The reality is that Priebus has been wrong an awful lot of times. In 2012, though most polls and all poll aggregators showed an advantage for incumbent President Barack Obama, Preibus was bullish about the chances of his challenger Mitt Romney. Preibus predicted Romney would carry Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin and Iowa, all states Romney lost.

And this wasn’t just sunny salesmanship. Priebus seemed to be among the many Republicans living in a bubble who adamantly insisted the polls were biased because they assumed too large a Democratic turnout. He blasted “a narrative out there that I just think is blatantly uninformed, which is the fact that the Democrats have this great ground game. I think we’re going to crush the Democrats on the ground. I just don’t think they’ve got a very good ground game. I’ve looked through it, I’ve seen it. It’s all smoke and mirrors.”

After the election, which had exactly the sort of Democratic turnout the polls predicted, Priebus took it all back: “our ground game was insufficient… we were behind in both data and digital; and our primary and debate process needed improvement.”

Via Murphy’s Law: Will Priebus Destroy The Republican Party? » Urban Milwaukee.

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