Road to Nowhere

“Anyone else sensing this transportation issue is really hampering the Republicans? How else do you explain Gov Walker and the rest of the GOP crew at the Capitol constantly trying to talk their way out of the mess they caused with their “split the baby” solution in the state budget, which had the remarkable double-whammy of increased borrowing AND cuts in road spending?

Today’s developments featured Walker claiming in the morning that he could find $150 million in savings from the Zoo Interchange project (naturally, Walker didn’t have any document which showed where these savings were derived from), but then he later dropped that savings estimate to $50 million in interviews later in the day.What that means is that Walker is now saying he plans to ask the Joint Finance Committee for $300 million of the $350 million in contingent borrowing to remove delays from several non-Milwaukee highway projects, but there’s no guarantee that the JFC will take up that request any time soon, and that is leading to serious conflict within the GOP caucus….”

Via Wisconsin road deficits causing GOP dysfunction @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse.