State worker married to GOP official gets promotion, big raise

Of course she does.

The head of a state agency late last year gave a political appointment – and a nearly $27,000 annual raise – to the wife of a Republican Party official without considering any other applicants, state records show.

In December, Angela Herl took over a state division with 40 employees that processes credentials for dozens of professions such as doctors, even though she had no direct experience in that area. Herl had not previously managed any staff during her 20 years working for the state as a payroll and benefits specialist.

With the new job, Herl received a 49% pay boost, raising her annual salary from $54,378 to $81,265.

Herl is married to Mike Herl, chairman of the Dane County Republican Party, and she landed her new job less than a year after GOP Gov. Scott Walker faced an uproar over the hiring of a campaign donor’s son with few qualifications.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.