The Wand family’s abusive criminal past

Accused arsonist-killer’s upbringing still leaves him an accused arsonist-killer:

Research about the family’s past, however, led to a story of abuse in Dakota, Ill. — about 8 miles south of the Wisconsin border.

In 1962, the Freport Journal Standard reported on a case in which children were locked in an attic of a home — an attic with no bathroom, so feces collected on the floor and walls for weeks.

The article recounts reports of frequent beatings of all the children, especially to a 3-year old.

One of the children was 5-year old Armin Wand Jr. — the father of the two men who face homicide charges from last week’s fire in Argyle.

In court 50 years ago, their parents, Wilma Wand and Armin Wand Sr., were charged with child neglect and contributing to the deliquency of a minor in what investigators then called one of the worst cases they’ve ever been a part of.

Via Channel 3000.

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