Tony Robinson, aged 19

Not only to the city I live in and love so very much, but right to our neighborhood.  Only a few blocks away from where I like to gaze out at the lake and contemplate life and read good books the life of a black 19-year-old man ended.   Tony Robinson was shot five times by an officer after a series of reported happenings that ended with an assault on that officer.

Needless to say there is lots of anger in the area and also a great deal of sadness.  Though the shooting took place about 6:30 P.M. it was not for another nearly three hours before James and I learned of it.  We were watching a movie and having a relaxing Friday evening.  But once I found out the news my mind would not release the question about how a 19-year-old man came to such a crazy ending of his life.

Via Why Was A 19-Year-Old Black Man Shot By Police On Williamson Street In Madison? @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

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